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I don’t know whether it’s the focus on work, the odd temperament of the spring season, or overall city exhaustion, but lately I’ve become disinterested in updating my closet. On the streets of New York now, it’s hard to become inspired when we’re dressing in shorts and light sweaters one day (last weekend) and heavy black wool coats the next (today).

After making some plans over the past few days for some fun upcoming warm weather events, I’ve gotten the swift kick I needed to start paying attention to my wardrobe again. Now all that awaits is a massive closet clean out, some research and – the best part – shopping.

Here’s a few ways I like to get fashionably inspired, if you don’t know where to start:

The three part closet clean out – I’ve overhauled my closet three times over the past season, I’m about to do it once more as I plan for my move. While one overhaul can feel like enough, I often find that I’m STILL keeping clothes I shouldn’t after the first or second clean. Three is my sweet spot. When you’re done, you may find that you have only kept some basics and really crisp, clean quality items, but that’s all you should have anyway. The $19 trend top from Forever21 is OK for a couple weekends, but don’t expect to run that baby out for seasons on end.

Notice what catches your attention – Obviously, like any blue-blooded American girl, I love Pinterest and tumblr for fashion inspiration. To keep my fantasy closet organized, I’ve started to pick out particular details that move me and stick them together. Whether it’s thin, dainty gold jewelry, pops of pink or patterned short suits (love), I try to keep all the categories in one place.

Write before you shop - I always utilize this trick. While looking online and dreaming are great, sometimes it can confuse me as to what I really want and need to build my closet. Before I go shopping, I sit in front of my closet, look at my Pin boards and write out what I really need when I shop. I get specific too – well fitted denim jacket, bright color cross body bag, canvas flat espadrilles in neutral colors – it all helps when you’re out with all the shiny new things, looking to bring everything home as you own.

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10 Hidden Desk Essentials

A while back we wrote about the PR girls desk essentials. A few days ago I opened my desk drawers and realized, wow, there’s a lot more essentials in there than I thought.

Hidden Desk Essentials

Here are some of the hidden essentials I currently have my desk – pretty much my entire vanity from home.

  • Tissues – a must have especially during allergy season
  • Makeup – blush, lip gloss, foundation, everything
  • Hair straighter – yes, I have one for those rainy days
  • Deodorant – just in case you forget in the morning
  • Perfume – to smell nice throughout the day
  • Mirror – to make sure you don’t have any lipstick on your teeth
  • Refillable water bottle – to refill and drink throughout the day
  • Coffee cup – in case they’re out of them in the kitchen
  • Stevia – because I refuse to use Splenda
  • Bags – you never know when you’ll need to throw items together in a hurry

What are some of your desk essentials?

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How to Ask the Right Questions

When you enter the career world, your supervisors will often say to you “there is no such thing as a stupid question.” While I encourage this phrase, what I really think it should be is “you shouldn’t be afraid to ask ANY questions.” There are stupid questions, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they shouldn’t be asked – especially if you’re just starting a new job, a new project, or trying to learn about someone’s work style. However, to avoid being a nag or give yourself a bit more confidence while being quizzical, there are a few steps you can take to ask the RIGHT questions.

For example…

Before asking someone else, ask yourself – can I Google this? It shocks me how many questions I receive in an email or in an interview that could have easily been answered by a little research or doing some googling. It saves yourself and your managers time if you try to find easy answers for yourself first.

If you think it sounds silly, frame it up nice - Even if you have to ask something as simple as where to order paper bags from, frame it in the context of your thought process so your co-workers know where you’re coming from. If you explain that you’re trying to make best use of the client budget but you are having a hard time finding the best delivery materials, that sounds a lot better than “where do we buy cheap bags?”

Question your question, and you might find an answer- This may seem silly, but sometimes your questions can be answered by thinking outside the problem at hand. Ask yourself if there are any resources you can check first, any past projects that might be able to help, or new information you recently received that helps to clarify.

Know who to ask - Even if you’re buddy buddy with your boss or director, it doesn’t mean you need to bug her with every question. Talk to those members of your team who can help you best. Same thing with professors, career counselors or mentors. Just because someone has giving you great information in the past does not make them the master encyclopedia of all things ever. Expand your resources for best results.


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Spring Cleaning for the New Yorker

The past four days have been the first true signs of spring in the city. This weekend was gorgeous, reaching almost 70 degrees and sunny the full two days. It seemed like everyone was out on the streets, stretching their limbs and exposing pale city skin to the sun.

When you live in New York, spring cleaning is a bit different than a full-house-scrub-down (though, I have to say scrubbing my apartment for spring is one of my favorite things to do). Here are a few ways New Yorkers spring clean their lives.

  • The farmer’s market no longer seems like a cruel joke on the farmers. The market is flooded and always smells like fresh dirt and bread.
  • Brunch is taken outside.
  • Lungs are exercised in fresh air that doesn’t hurt.
  • Closets are cleaned out, and new colorful clothes are seen on the streets.
  • Momentary blindness followed by extreme happiness for all the pale legs (the first real sign of warmer weather).
  • Umbrellas flex their muscles.
  • Taxis are shunned, and walking is preferred (similarly, too-high-heels are traded for considerable flats and wedges)
  • Smoothies and ice cream on instagram, oh my.
  • Windows are thrown open and music is heard on the street.

What are your favorite urban spring cleaning moments?

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