10 Hidden Desk Essentials

A while back we wrote about the PR girls desk essentials. A few days ago I opened my desk drawers and realized, wow, there’s a lot more essentials in there than I thought.

Hidden Desk Essentials

Here are some of the hidden essentials I currently have my desk – pretty much my entire vanity from home.

  • Tissues – a must have especially during allergy season
  • Makeup – blush, lip gloss, foundation, everything
  • Hair straighter – yes, I have one for those rainy days
  • Deodorant – just in case you forget in the morning
  • Perfume – to smell nice throughout the day
  • Mirror – to make sure you don’t have any lipstick on your teeth
  • Refillable water bottle – to refill and drink throughout the day
  • Coffee cup – in case they’re out of them in the kitchen
  • Stevia – because I refuse to use Splenda
  • Bags – you never know when you’ll need to throw items together in a hurry

What are some of your desk essentials?

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