10 Interview Red Flags

Being an interviewer, there are several red flags to lookout for when interviewing someone. Just based on personal experience, there are certain watch outs that let me know whether or not the interviewee could bit a good fit to work with. With interviews for December graduates looming, here are a few red flags to keep in mind.

Interview Red Flags

  1. Showing up late for the interview. They probably will show up to work late as well.
  2. Being unprepared. If they don’t bring a pen and paper or a copy of their resume, big red flag.
  3. Inappropriate dress. Low cut top, too short of a dress. This shows they might not be taking the interview seriously.
  4. Not having a good understanding of PR. It’s difficult to sum up PR in a sentence, but you can usually tell who’s really interested in our industry by their perception of PR.
  5. One word answers. If the interviewee is answering with only one word, they might be hiding something. Or just don’t have anything to say.
  6. Little knowledge about the agency. Proof that they didn’t research your company.
  7. Quiet and not confident. If the conversation doesn’t flow naturally and becomes awkward, it’s probably because the interviewee isn’t confident or prepared.
  8. Doesn’t ask questions. One of my biggest pet peeves. Ask me one thing – anything – so I at least know you’re engaged.
  9. Sounding desperate. Mentioning they’ve applied and interviewed for a million jobs and haven’t heard from anyone raises red flags.
  10. Only concerned about money. Especially for newbies. If they’re thinking their first job is going to be high paying one in PR, their reality is skewed.

What are some other interview red flags?

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