10 Reasons You Shouldn’t be a B*tch at Work

It happens ever so frequently. We get inundated with work and turn into a monster we don’t want to be. We get restless, snappy and just don’t want to be bothered. Dare I say it, we turn into mean girls. Becoming a mean girl in the office and losing your cool can come with some major consequences. From someone who has dealt with coworkers giving attitude, here are the top 10 reasons you should never be a b*itch in the office.


  1. You quickly lose other coworkers respect
  2. Your coworkers will not want to approach you…for anything
  3. You’re not viewed as a team player…crucial in PR
  4. You won’t come off as professional
  5. You could lose opportunities that would otherwise be presented to you
  6. You’re coworkers will say exactly how they feel about you in your review
  7. You won’t be put on new teams
  8. The PR world is small and everyone talks
  9. It could affect you from getting hired elsewhere (I’ve seen this happen)
  10. Karma will come back and bite you

Share with us some other reasons! I’m sure there are more…

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