10 Things a PR Girl Can Expect on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a welcome holiday in the business world.  Most of us haven’t had a vacation since Labor Day, and the thought of returning home to friends, family and comfort food is blissful.  While we hurriedly stuff our suitcases and pray that we finish all our work to enjoy a care-free weekend, here is a list of the ten things almost every PR girl will experience as she celebrates her Thanksgiving weekend:

  1.  Almost miss your flight after running back upstairs to your desk one last time, this time forgetting to turn on your out of office message
  2. Using your calm, understanding and persuasive voice with airline customer service to seamlessly be put on the next flight out after yours in inevitably delayed
  3. Surprise your mom/sister/bff with freebies from events and clients
  4. Overpack, forgetting that most bars in your hometown do not require heels for entrance, and the standard “going-out” uniform is surprisingly cozy
  5. Feel proud to tell old friends that you love what you do, and mean it
  6. Quickly become accustomed to explaining exactly what PR is to fellow high school alumni on Wednesday night, resulting in the perfect “elevator speech”
  7. Realize on Thursday that no family member really understands your elevator speech, so maybe your friends were just being polite
  8. Eat like the queen you are, carbs and all
  9. Surprise yourself with making comfortable (even engaging!) conversation at the “adult table”
  10. Feel relieved you didn’t go into finance like your poor older cousin, who has already downed a bottle of wine at dinner to “unwind”

And finally… be thankful for all the experiences the past year has brought, and the fabulous parties the month ahead has in store.

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