Milly and Glamour at Bloomingdales

Friday afternoon, fashion designer Michelle Smith of Milly and stylist Dianna Lunt of Glamour magazine made an appearance at Bloomingdales on 59th for Clinique’s new spring collection, Pretty in Prints. Milly’s Spring 2011 Collection was on display, along with her  new Milly for Clinique makeup and cosmetic bag, free with  a  purchase of $25 (yes, please!).  The designer and stylist held an open forum, answering questions including spring 2011 trends and the inspiration behind Milly’s spring collection (video clip).

Overall, I have to say that this is  one of my favorite fashion/beauty  PR collaborations. Clinque stands out by offering these limited edition cosmetic products  inspired by  a designer known for colorful,  bold  prints. Looking forward to seeing the new designs next season!


Tommy Ton’s New York Fashion Week

One of my favorite fashion photographers is Tommy Ton of JAKANDJIL blog.  Not only does he capture beautiful pictures, but he also focuses on the small, beautiful touches that really make an ensemble.  Most of his images are of particularly chic people right off the street, on their commute to a fashion show or on their way back to work.  As New York Fashion Week just recently ended, I thought his images would be the best way to review some of the highlights of the event.  All of Tommy Ton’s photos from Fashion Week can be found at his blog or over on

images via

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WTB by Richie Sambora & Nikki Lund

Last night I  got  a chance to attend the  WTB (White Trash Beautiful) Fall 2011 collection show as part of the STYLE360 New York Fashion Week line up  at the Metropolitan Pavilion. The women’s line by Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora and designer Nikki Lund was filled with black leather (pants, jackets, boots, you name it), silver and  moments of chiffon. The show was attended by New York Real Housewives Alex McCord and Ramona Singer, who’s True Faith jewelry outfitted the models.

My favorite of the collection –  hands down the silver mesh backless long sleeve gown pictured twice  above. If only I had somewhere to wear a dress like that…a girl can dream, can’t she?

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Restaurant: Candle 79

I’m always up to try something new, so when my friend CC invited me for dinner at her favorite new restaurant I didn’t let her dietary restrictions stop me. My lovely friend is a recent Vegan convert, and though I admire her new lifestyle, I was hesitant to partake in a dinner that did not include diary, meat or even eggs.

Candle 79 far exceeded my expectations! I could not believe the meal I was eatting was Vegan! I have to say it was without a doubt one of the best dinners I have ever had in Manhattan.  I recommend you take a walk on the Vegan side and head to 79th Street at Lexington Avenue and indulge! When you do start with the nachos, for the main course try the Spaghetti and wheat balls (they are amazeballs) and if you do not try the cannoli, you will regret it!

The Dairy Free ice cream was sensational!

I would have to say Candle 79 does more than hold a candle to the top restaurants of NYC and even better, no animals are harmed in the making of your meal.  Therefore, I’d go as far to say that this will be the most guiltless cannoli you ever consume because Vegan meals are free of calories too….right?

images via Candle 79

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