NYC Rates the Restaurants

For those of you who live in New York City, you have been noticing more health department grades popping up in restaurant windows before the holidays.

Turns out this seemingly new procedure is the effect of a change in health department inspection regulations back in July.   Now, once inspected, every restaurant must place their letter grade card prominently in the window.   The grades range from A, B and C.   Anything below a C is considered failure.

While I’m happy to see NYC cracking down on food safety, I now pay special attention to letter grades while choosing a restaurant.   Can you imagine bringing friends, a client, or a date to a B or C restaurant?   No thank you!

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Leighton and Minka at Apple SoHo

Last night, Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly stopped by the  Apple SoHo store  to discuss their new movie The Roommates. As a huge fan of GG, I couldn’t help but make the  trip downtown. The open Q&A  hosted by MTV News was taped to be downloaded for free  on iTunes.

The biggest shock?  How much the gorgeous actresses look-alike. Leighton admitted to being mistaken as Minka  several times, while Minka admitted to being called Blair Waldorf. With all of her GG fans in attendance, Leighton stayed behind to sign autographs (unfortunately I only had  a post-it note in my pocket).

Do you have any  plans to see the movie that hits theaters this Friday?  If not  in theaters, it will without a doubt be added to the Netflix queue.  

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Become Your Dream on the UES

Since moving to the Upper East Side a year ago, I couldn’t help but notice three words scribbled on objects around the neighborhood.  The phrase  Become  Your Dream  with a fish jumping next to it  is spotted  written  on  furniture, sidewalks and even paper  on the ground.  After several months,  I started an album of photos and even submitted them to AMNY (the commuter paper I can’t live without). Best of all,  friends now send me photos each time they see it.  

What’s so fascinating about the reoccurrence  is that each time  I can’t help but be  effected by  a phrase  typically written on pieces of garbage.  Each spotting is a reminder that anything is possible, so thank you De La Vega (if it is you!).

Expect additional photos in future posts  to see how one person’s trash can be another’s inspiration.

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