Protect Your Summer Skin

You’d assume being a native Floridian I could tan with the best of them, but put me under the sun for twenty minutes and I’m as red as a lobster. I’ve always been prone to burning, even after years in Florida I could never achieve that bronze glow. Therefore I take great care in keeping my skin protected with a quality sun block and prefer to fake a little bake over exposing my skin to harmful UV rays.

Just because my skin can’t stand the summer heat doesn’t mean I’m going to hang up my bikini.  I knew I’d be spending the majority of my Memorial Day weekend boating and beaching and I needed a sunscreen that could keep up.

Clarins Sunscreen with spray applicator is a lightweight spray that offers high protection and is waterproof.  I love the convenience of having a spray applicator and the lightweight formula leaves your skin feeling smooth and luxurious.  Clarins offers a full line of sun protection products, all of which I am eager to test out this summer because I’m not planning to pack away my bikini until Labor Day.


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Update: nyc PR girls Activity Report

Some of you have may ventured over to our activity report section of the site.  With summer unofficially kicked off this weekend, I thought this was a good opportunity to remind myself of the things I can check off this season, and a couple more we could possibly add:

* Speedboat around Manhattan

* Visit the Bronx Zoo

* Walk the  New York Botanical Gardens

* Be part of a parade

* Stand outside of the Today Show

* Walk the  High Line

*  See a ballet at Lincoln Center

*  Have a Nathan’s hot dog in Coney Island

* See Shakespeare in the park

* Go on a food tour

* Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

* Trapeze at  Chelsea Piers

* See a movie in  Paris (on a rainy day)

* Catch a  SummerStage concert

* Watch a film in  Bryant Park (and on the  rooftop)

* Make it to Roosevelt Island

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!  Until Tuesday…

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A PR Girl’s Mini-Vacation Must-Haves

Hopefully most of you are getting outdoors and enjoying this fabulous holiday weekend.  All three of us are in very different parts of the east coast – I am chilling upstate on the Finger Lakes, A is doing it Jersey Shore style, and MA is in Tampa getting some serious sun.  Though we’ve chosen unique destinations for our quick get-away, we all have one goal in mind: unwind for the wonderful summer ahead.

In PR, it is extremely easy to let the days run together and lose track of time – the charmingly chaotic lifestyle is what led us to the profession in the first place.  In the summer, it’s our chance to let loose and get a bit of our ground back.  Here are a couple items I’m keeping close at hand to be sure I make the most of this weekend.

  1. Rose Petal Mask, $55
  2. Sony Portable Speakers, $15
  3. Triple Oxygen Eye Mask, $54
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Restaurant: Shake Shack

Nothing is more American than a tasty burger and fries. With Memorial Day weekend upon us, households across the country will be firing up their grills for summer. Manhattan living means having to trade in your backyard patio for Central Park (I can live with that), therefore the closest thing I have to a grill is my  (roommate’s) George Foreman. So when you are craving a taste of summer, well done, head to Shake Shack  in Madison Square Park.

Shake Shack opened their original location in Madison Square Park (East 23rd and Madison Avenue) back in 2004 and have been a household name ever since. Now with multiple locations throughout the city, Shake Shack is known for their frozen custard and for being one of the best burger joints in the city. The burgers are delicious, but the pièce de resistance for me is the Frozen Custard. Shake Shack posts a monthly custard calendar on their website and features such delectable flavors as Red Velvet Custard (Sundays in May) and Mud Pie (Fridays in May).

We may not have that back yard but Madison Square Park, with its majestic view of the Empire State Building, is an adequate substitute.  True to the name, the restaurant is literally a small shack in the park surrounded by picnic benches. On a pleasant day the wait in line could stretch as long as an hour wait! Shake Shack’s website hosts a Shake Cam with live feed of the line to help you plan for your feast accordingly.

The best time to visit is on a dreary day or better yet, take advantage of the prime location and stroll through Madison Square Park prior to indulging hence skipping the lunch or dinner time crowd. Either way, it is worth the wait.

images via Guest of a Guest and Shake Shack