Top Five Wardrobe Essentials for PR Girls

You landed your dream job in your dream city, but what are you to wear? If you are entering the work force for the first time, you may be planning a shopping spree to upgrade your wardrobe. Here are the five essentials every PR girl should have in her closet:

A Well-Tailored Blazer –  If you don’t already have a blazer hanging in your closet, please go buy one immediately !  A well fitted blazer can pull together any look – dress up the causal appearance of  jeans, or add to a dress or skirt for that event or client dinner.  The blazer is a key component to any PR girl’s wardrobe.   If you must have only one, go for black at first and work in navy and grey hues. Once you feel comfortable don’t be afraid to be daring with blush, camel, white or bold color blazers for spring.

The Little Black Dress – In the PR field, even just starting out, a little black dress is your best friend. We all have that “go to” dress specifically worn on event or media days. This dress should be something comfortable (you could be stuck in it for hours upon end), yet versatile enough to hit the bar for drinks after a long day and not appear too stuffy.  Don’t be afraid to add some of your personality to the look with an funky necklace, earrings, or a fun pop of color with a skinny belt around the waist.

City Flats – The biggest adjustment for me in moving to the city wasn’t getting acclimated to the weather as much as it was changing heel wearing habits. I was always a heels girl, but running around the city can be disastrous on your shoes and your feet. These City Flats easily roll up to stash in your purse or bag – a god-send since you never know when you’ll have to dart around the city for last-minute requests on any given PR day.

Cross Body Purse – Not every purse I own is cross body, just the ones I actually carry out of my apartment are.  I warn you, once you go cross body you never go back (cross my heart).  Work, play, day or night, cross body purses are essential for city living.

Work-Appropriate  Jeans – I love the look of a distressed denim just as much as the next girl,  but there is a time and place for everything.  Stick with a darker denim in a flattering style for casual days at the office.  Many PR firms have a pretty relaxed dress code, but that isn’t an excuse to slack in your style. Keep in mind you should always dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

What are some of your PR wardrobe essentials?


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PR Interviewee Questions

One of the best ways to impress during an interview is through the questions you ask. It not only marks your level of interest, it also displays your listening skills (please, never ask a question that’s already been answered) and knowledge of PR. As someone who’s been an interviewee and now interviewer, I compiled some tips and questions to ask once the employer crucially states, “Any questions?”

What would be my day-to-day responsibilities? If they haven’t answered this already…

What is the average size of a team and how are teammates determined? Your ability to work well with others is crucial. Find out how you would be placed – whether it’s based off interests or which team is in need.

Can you tell me about your background with the company? Get a feel for how long they’ve been employed and their level of satisfaction.

What has been your favorite experience working here? Shows personal interest in them and their experiences.

Can you describe the office culture and environment? Is it laid-back or high-strung? Get an understanding of what you could be walking into.

Can you tell me more about what qualities you are looking for in someone in this position? Gives you insights into what they want and hopefully you fit the bill. If you do, make sure they know it!

What would you say sets this agency apart from others? Learn how the agency compares to its competitors.

What computer programs would I use daily? Display your familiarity with PR media tools. These should also be listed on your resume.

Can you tell me the next step of the interview process? Shows that you are proactive and think ahead.

The key is to ask open-ended questions – it keeps the conversation flowing and they inevitably can’t answer with a simple “yes” or “no”.  To truly impress your interviewer, ask a question referencing something he/she has already mentioned – it demonstrates that you’re a great listener. For example, “You mentioned you work with X client and their X campaign, can you tell me more about other work you’ve done for them?”

Also, try not to ask questions that can easily be answered by looking at the company website. For example, “Where are your other offices located?” This proves that you didn’t do much research into the company ahead of time.

No matter how many people at the company you’ve interviewed with, I can’t stress enough how imperative it is to  always ask questions.

Are there any questions you make sure to ask?

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PRofile: @TeganZimmerman

The best part of interning is the people you meet, especially those who intern along side of you. That being said, meet  Tegan Zimmerman, a now Chicago PR girl I interned with in New York City several summers ago. Tegan has a BA in Communication Studies and Journalism from the University of Iowa and jump-started her career in public relations with various internships in both New York City and Chicago. Currently, Tegan is an Account Executive at Vivid Ascent, an integrated public relations agency in Chicago where her client  work ranges from consumer brands and university programs to movies and celebrity athletes.

How did you get started in public relations and what attracted you to the industry?

I got started in public relations on accident! I was working on my journalism degree and stumbled across a poster for PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) in the journalism building. After joining the organization, I realized that PR was a better fit for me.

Along with writing, public relations gives me the opportunity to work with a variety of clients on a multitude of campaigns. I am still fascinated by the field and feel that I always will be because it is continuously changing.

What has been the highlight of your PR career thus far?

It is hard to name one highlight but I have truly enjoyed working with a variety of clients over the past few years. From consumer brands and universities to professional athletes and non-profits, I am always learning new things. My current clients are financial based, so it has been a fun and interesting challenge to study the markets and see how it all works.

What is the best PR advice you’ve ever received?

The best PR advice I have ever received is know your audience. You can’t communicate a message correctly if you don’t know much about the audience you are trying to communicate to. Also, never underestimate the importance of listening. In a field that tends to contain more extroverts, listening is just as important as speaking.

Any advice for those looking to get into PR?

Public relations is not always glamorous so be prepared to work hard. Experience reigns supreme. Get involved and try to obtain as many internships as you can. It is also important to stay on top of the news and current events. This is crucial and your clients will expect this from you. Try to read at least one news outlet everyday. The Wall Street Journal is a must for me.

Connect with Tegan via Twitter @TeganZimmerman, on LinkedIn and read her blog  ‘œPublic Relations Hybrid’ on


Hot Child in the City

We’re having a bout of good weather in New York – it’s almost summer like.  We are finally able to get outdoors and bare our arms and legs.  One of my favorite parts of sunny days is breaking out my cool shades and fun hats.  Once stuffed in the back of the closet, chic New Yorkers can show off their cool accessories for warmer days.  Below are some of my favorite ladies showing their summer stuff:

Rachel Bilson is forever the queen of shades


Megan Fox rocks a Fedora


Blake Lively doing shorts right

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