Reasons to Start a Blog

It’s almost been six months since we started this blog and I have to say there is one thing I regret – not starting it earlier. The experience since day one has been captivating and the idea that started on a park bench has become so much more than we expected. Ask any blogger and they will probably tell you the same thing – though it does take time to prepare and develop, if you have an idea in mind, the execution is nothing but rewarding.

If you’re currently debating starting a blog, here are a few reasons why you should start immediately:

  • Great for meeting new people
  • Well-respected on a resume
  • Keeps track of your activities
  • Lets your family/friends in on your life
  • Allows you to vent your thoughts
  • Keeps you on your toes with the latest trends
  • Improves your writing skills
  • Invites advice from others
  • Opens doors to new opportunities

Particularly for PR students and professionals, we all understand the importance of blogging and writing so why not start one. Even if it’s not the “perfect looking” blog, you will better understand the thought process behind posts and what bloggers look for in a pitch. Just realize, keeping fresh content  can be time-consuming and you never want to feel overwhelmed or pressured. Blogging is for fun, not work.

Another suggestion, start a blog with a friend(s). If you’re interning this summer, start one with a fellow intern and consider different platforms (i.e.  Tumblr). You don’t want to forget the experience you had and what you learned.

Have you been debating starting a blog? Or if you have one, what made you start?

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Put Your Best Face Forward: LaseResults

Summer skincare has always been a bit tricky for me.  I’m always game to try new things when it comes to beauty (as seen here and here), but I haven’t landed on a product to commit to in my daily routine.  It can be incredibly overwhelming when you think of all the things we want these products to do – shrink pores, erase acne scars and dark spots, prevent signs of aging and, obviously, be loaded with SPF.  When we were offered the chance to try the new LaseResults skincare regimen from laser surgeon Dr. Bernstein, I immediately offered to be the guinea pig.

There has been a lot of talk about laser treatments these days – even our gym spas are offering laser hair removal for a “special price” – so I was interested to see what Dr. Bernstein had to offer in his collection. LaseResults puts the “power of light” within this morning and night topical routine, claiming to shrink pores and even skin tone without laser treatments (which can add up in cost…).  I was a little skeptical at first, having heard most of this from previous products, both in the drugstore and beauty counter.

I was impressed.  The key is using the whole LaseResults regimen – cleanser and AM SPF in the morning, and Focused Repair and Calm & Restore Serum at night.  There are no physical exfoliants or abrasion in any of the products (love that), but I felt a slight tingle to know it was working.  In two and a half weeks, I already saw that my  grey scars left from pubescent embarrassments had faded, and my skin was considerably more even.

These products kind of remind me of the bareMinerals phenomenon – remember when only one or two girls in high school used it, then word spread, and suddenly everyone in the sorority was using it?  Because it worked.  Same here.  Dr. Bernstein’s LaseResults skincare line is available now on

Are you ladies discovering any notable skincare or beauty lines for yourselves?  Will you try LaseResults?


Top Five Wardrobe Essentials for Summer

Spring and summer are my absolute favorite time of year for fashion. I love a nice winter coat and a killer pair of  boots just as much as the next girl, but I have a fondness for dresses and quite frankly, exposing my skin (within reason). You all loved the wardrobe essentials for PR girls so much, thought I’d highlight some of my favorite “must have”  items for summer. One thing I did leave off though….a swimsuit that makes you feel and look like a beach beauty! Enjoy.

J Crew Matchstick Jean in White Denim

White Jeans – Jeans are every girl’s go to wardrobe staple, after the little black dress, take the versatile look of denim and give it a season edge in a white wash. Have fun with the style in a fit like these Skinny jeans from J Crew, or go for a boyfriend fit jean. Just be certain the fit is appropriate for your body style and you will look chic all summer.

Gap Water Color Scarf

Vibrant Printed Scarf – Even though it still gets hot as the dickens in the summer, the subway is freezing and your office are still an ice box. Having a light sweater helps, but also add some color and keep comfortable with a light vibrant colored scarf, like this one from Gap. It will make your thick wool scarves of winter uber jealous.

J Crew Wild ikat chino short

Shorts – Now I’m not talking Daisy Dukes, you can leave those to Jessica Simpson.  I LOVE these super funky J Crew patterned shorts. I have a gingham patterned pair from J Crew from last summer and I am obsessed with them. Comfortable and still an appropriate length, play up a fun pattern like these instead of sticking with a denim or khaki  short this summer.

Trina Turk Sonya Printed Strapless Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress – Oh Maxi dress, I heart you. I would live in nothing else all summer if it was possible. This gorgeous Trina Turk dress, available at Bloomingdales, gives a pulled together polished look without nearly as much effort as it appears. Slip on your favorite maxi dress for weekend brunch or a date in the park.

Steve Madden Fantasik Wedges

Wedges – Take every advantage of exposing those toes this summer, before you know it we will be bundling up again  for fall. These Steve Madden wedges are both adorable and comfortable.  I will even wear these puppies to the office on occasion to give a more season look to a staple ensemble.


What is your “must have” wardrobe essential for summer?

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Tips to Gain a Twitter Following

We all know how important it is to have a Twitter account, especially when working in the PR industry. One question we frequently receive is how to gain a Twitter following. There’s no formula, but there are tips you can “follow” in order to make your Twitter account more popular. Just remember, a following is not what defines the importance of an account! Some of the most insightful tweets can come from those you stumble upon.

  • Complete your Twitter profile. It may seem obvious, but enter a bio, input your location and upload a profile picture. Tweeters want to know a little something about you, including your location and interests, when following you.
  • Follow those similar to you. If you’re a PR student, follow other PR students. You clearly share the same interests and will most likely receive a follow back. Plus, it’s great for sparking meaningful conversation and networking.
  • Tweet on topic. Tweeting about fashion and then tweeting about politics may have your followers confused. If they’re following you, they’re most likely interested in hearing about what’s outlined in your bio. Plus make sure you’re monitoring the conversations that are going on before you tweet. You don’t want to be tweeting about what you had for dinner when gay marriage just became legal in NYC.
  • Make every tweet count. Challenge yourself to include at least a mention or hashtag in every tweet. You don’t want to miss an opportunity for someone to mention your Twitter handle. For example, tweeting about shopping at Bloomingdales? Mention @Bloomingdales (or think about checking in on Foursquare!).
  • Tweet often. Abandoning your Twitter account, even for a day, is a sure way to lose followers. Stay persistent and interact with your followers every chance you get.

Are there any tips you have for gaining a Twitter following?