Style Inspiration: The Sartorialist

Meg usually posts on Saturdays and has introduced many of you to the style photography of Tommy Ton. I wanted to share my favorite inspirations from The Sartorialist, as his photography has influenced many of my own looks as he takes his lens along with him on not only the streets of NYC, but around the globe. He has even teamed up with Kiehls to offer our male patrons a travel ready Men’s Skincare Set in time for Father’s Day.

Not all fashion motivations have to come from as far off as Europe or South America, my most treasured fashion staples are vintage clothes and jewelry from my grandmother and mother’s wardrobes. Who is your fashion inspiration?

images via The Sartorialist

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Restaurant: The Loeb Boat House

This past week I celebrated my birthday with a dinner at The Loeb Boat House in Central Park. I had my brother and sister visiting me for the week and as often as they have visited we have never made it to Central Park. I took them through Strawberry Fields, The Mall and general park shenanigans. After a long day in the Upper East Side, they surprised me with dinner at The Loeb Boat House, knowing it has been on our bucket list. It was the perfect day.

Located in Central Park in the Upper East Side area of the park, The Loeb Boat House is an iconic landmark. The pristine view of the lake and exquisite atmosphere allow you to relax as you take in the row boats and occasional gondola drifting across the lake.

Their menu is much more diverse than I anticipated for a lake front restaurant, which would usual boast a heavy seafood menu. Though the menu is primarily seafood; chicken, steak and even vegetarian options are available! My sister is a vegetarian and was willing to sacrifice here meal for our overall dining experience, but was over the moon with her vegetarian lasagna dinner entree, being the carnivore that I am I stuck with the filet, which did not disappoint.

With Tavern on the Green now a visitor center, The Boat House has a big pair of Sperry’s to fill this summer as the sole dining option in the park. Regardless tourist and New Yorker’s alike should make it a point to stop by and experience this NYC treasure.


Image via The BoatHouse

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Just Fabulous Style Night

Last night I had a chance to get a sneak peak at Just Fabulous’ Style Night in Soho.  In case you’ve been on a self-imposed shopping hiatus, Just Fabulous is an innovative online boutique that allows you to mix personal shopping and deal hunting by selecting fierce shoes and accessories to offer you, personally, each month.  When Just Fabulous announced their Style Night featuring their newest line a couple weeks ago,  I jumped at the chance to go.

Just Fabulous is launching a line of flatter-everyone jeans starting this year, that will be available along with their delicious shoes and bags.  Aside from the super cute fashion show with REAL GIRLS walking down the runway in covetable looks, everyone who attended the event got to take a pair of the jeans home.  I’ve got to say I was impressed!  The fabric reminds me of the forgiving denim in more high-end jeans, and it smooths your lines in all the right places.

Will you be testing out Just Fabulous’ denim this year?


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How To Stand Out in Your Summer Internship

As an intern, you’ll find it’s easy to get by with following instructions, stuffing gift bags and creating simple media lists for your superiors to review. If you’re satisfied by these tasks, you should be satisfied with the college credit and zero request from the company for your return – this is not the attitude of a PR star! Even if you are currently underwhelmed, overwhelmed or satisfied with your summer internship, there are several tips and tricks to take your internship from “work experience” to “career move.” Here are our top three:

Always Offer to Do More – You may be interning in a fashion house, where they literally have you working from your morning commute through the weekend. Offering to do even more work may just sound exhausting. However I promise you, when you ask for more tasks to do, this is when you are handed the projects that will help you grow. Maybe the AAE just simply doesn’t have time to pitch short lead media for an event. Maybe your supervisor would like you to come with her to a deskside appointment at Harper’s Bazaar. And everyone will always appreciate the offer to chip in. You’ll become indispensable, and you’ll be remembered for it.

Do it With a Smile – Enthusiasm is not only contagious, it’s magnetic.  Show that you want to be in the office every single day.  Prove to your team that you’re excited about this opportunity that they’ve given you, up until your last day.  Even when your supervisor asks you to deliver twelve bags of hard cover books to the TODAY show the morning after the company happy hour, do it with a smile.

Speak Up! – You might be the most imaginative, inspired, ingenious person in the world, but who would ever know it if you don’t share your ideas?  Be sure to pipe up in during team brainstorms and strategy meetings.  It can be super intimidating at first, but if you’ve been doing your PR homework and have something smart to contribute – do it!  Your supervisor will remember you for it, and you’ll be asked to join more brainstorms and planning meetings later on.

What are you doing to stand out in your summer internship?
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