Restaurant: Popbar

This week I was delighted to discover an adorably yummy Popsicle bar in the West Village. Popsicles are summer on a stick and during this heat wave are a delicious way to cool off. Popbar is a gourmet take on the popsicle, offering handcrafted gelato on a stick, which can be customized to your liking.

Located on Carmine St at 6th Ave, Popbar uses all natural ingredients and also offers Froyo and sorbetto in popsicle form. You can choose from one of the many delicious popsicles they have available, or create your own picking your desired dessert option (gelato, sorbetto or froyo) on a stick then add toppings and finally dip in a dark, milk or white chocolate.

I had the mixed berry gelato and it was both sumptuous and a helped me beat the city heat. I’ll be back to try the Froyo and sorbetto before the summer is through.

What are your favorite summer city eats?

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vitaminwater Gansevoort Summer Series

Just when you  thought Sunday’s couldn’t get any better than brunch, the Gansevoort Park Avenue introduces its vitaminwater zero  summer series. Each Sunday this summer, the Gansevoort Park Avenue is opening its pool to the public and hosting a different Dj on its coveted rooftop from 3 pm – 9 pm. As a fan of the opening Dj this past Sunday, Paul Oakenfold, I immediately jumped on the opportunity to watch him spin poolside.

The crowd partied (and some splashed) next to the pool  with bottle service making you forget you were even in Manhattan until you saw the unbeatable view of the Empire State Building. Dj NVM and Oakenfold played trance favorites and signature cockails  plus squirt guns were served. In all, I could not think of a better way to celebrate Sunday and the start of summer.

Sound too good to be true? Warning: unless you know someone with a table, you may have a tough time getting to the roof. But I can guarantee it’s a good time if you’re able to get in.

Overall, Dj + Pool + Rooftop + Strawberry Mojito = summer Sunday bliss.

Would you check out the summer series? Are there any Dj’s you would like to see part of the series? I can think of a few…


Calling all PR girls – Chill Out This Summer (and do better work)

A couple of weeks ago, I announced on Twitter that I would make it a goal of mine this summer to get outside once a day to enjoy the weather. While many of you were supportive – you also commiserated. It doesn’t seem like many of us make time to enjoy the season, which comes of no surprise to me.   Just because the sun has come out, that doesn’t necessarily mean the job has slowed down.   Below I’ve listed my top three goals to lighten my load this summer and be a bit more productive at the office:

Setup a Day-to-Day Organization System A and MA are awesome at this, but I move so fast some days I can barely keep my head on straight, never mind put my emails in the right folders. This summer I’m going to begin an organization system I can REALLY keep on top of, even on my busiest days.

Catch Up with The Media – the other day I realized I hadn’t seen some of my editor contacts in MONTHS. The nice weather is a great opportunity to take editors to coffee and catch up on what they’re working on.

And Yes, Get Outdoors! – At my office, we’re lucky enough to get summer Friday hours. Unfortunately many of us don’t utilize this gifted time off, and we stay until 6pm anyway! It wasn’t until I was at the dentist yesterday gripping the chair with white knuckles (it was just a cleaning!) that I realized I need to slow down. Summer doesn’t last long enough, and it will be good for you and your work to achieve a bit of R&R each week.

What are you doing to chill out and amp up your work performance this summer?


Summer Sunnies

Growing up in the sunshine state I had plenty of opportunities to sport some stylish shades. I have collected a variety of sunnies and generally wear them based on my mood. They are my favorite summer accessory and whether it is a posh pair of Chanel’s or a cheap pair of frames from Forever 21, a girl can never have more than one pair of sunnies (or shoes, or earrings, or….).

Aviator Sunglasses

You are one confident mama jamma in these summer shades. The Aviator sunglass trend took a frame of authority and turned it into a sexy summer staple. Feel like you own the streets of NYC in a stylish pair of Aviator frames, feeling even more daring, spice it up by wearing them in a bold color.

Wayfarer Sunglasses

Wayfarers seemed to have peaked in the 80’s, but you rock these sunnies down the streets of Manhattan better than the star of your favorite 80’s cult classic. This style seems to be on the track of The Aviator in trend longevity, as long as you wear them like you’ve been doing so since the 80’s (even if you were just born in the 90’s) seeing as this trend has resonated with hipsters. Don’t be afraid to make them your own, patterned Wayfarer frames are my favorite take on these sunnies.

Oversized Sunglasses

I prefer the term hater blockers, as oversized shades block haters as well as they block the sun.  Feel more posh than Posh Spice herself when you shop the avenues of Manhattan and sun on the sands of the Hampton’s, even if it’s only in your mind while in reality you trek the streets of NYC to and from your internship. Afterall, style is a state of mind.

What is your favorite sunnie style this summer?

images via LikeMag and RayBan

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