Hey, it’s OK to Love Weekends in the City

As a New Yorker, sometimes you can be judged for simply having no plans for the weekends in the summer.   These weekends are actually some of my favorites, and I refuse to apologize for them.   I’ve taken a note from one of my favorite magazines before, but I thought Friday would be a good day to explore some guilty pleasures of staying in the city on weekends, a la Glamour magazine’s ‘Hey, it’s okay…’ Section.

Hey, It’s Okay…

  • To be one of three people attending the usually-packed yoga class on Friday evening, and call it a private session
  • Finding the highlight of your morning to be the super-short line at Trader Joe’s…
  • …Or cheat on TJ’s and spend your Saturday making friends with the cheese guys at the new Fairway on 86th street
  • To discover that cute boys DO stay in the city on weekends!
  • To consider a walk in Central Park your exercise for the whole weekend
  •  To not see sunlight all day, and stay home watching sex and the city reruns (that’s what weekends are for!)
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PR Girls Do BlogHer

The 7th annual BlogHer Conference was held in San Diego, CA last weekend and I had the pleasure to attend. Over 3,600 bloggers and 100 sponsors participated in this year’s conference.  As PR girls, we work with bloggers on a regular basis.  The blogosphere continues to grow and conferences like BlogHer are an opportunity for brands to connect with bloggers through more than just email exchanges.

Before I attended BlogHer I was sure to catch up with some of my best contacts for a chance to meet them face to face. Though I recognized my favorite bloggers almost immediately, they could not say the same of me. Being able to meet in person and speak casually one on one, I got so much more from these important contacts than I could via email.   I got a greater grasp of their personal lives, their dreams for their own brands and images, and how PR plays a vital role for these bloggers as well. At the end of the day they are their own brand ambassadors, pitching their site and statistics to brands for partnerships. The PR Girl and The Blogger are not very different.

In a recent survey conducted by BlogHer, it was found that over 50% of the active blog readers in the general U.S. online population have made a purchase based on a blog recommendation.   That number jumps to 80% in the BlogHer network community. This is no surprise to the PR folks who have been working with them closely for years now!

If you have not experienced BlogHer first hand, consider presenting the idea to your client. BlogHer 2012 will be held in New York City in August.

image via BlogHer

*Survey Results from 2011BlogHer Social Media Matters Survey

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What a PR Girl Can Learn From the Ad Guys

In the world of public relations, we try to keep from making any enemies.  Our entire careers are focused on making allies for ourselves and our clients while stomping out any smoke that may signal a fire.  There is one rivalry that has gone on for perhaps too long in the marketing and communications world – the PR Girls vs. the Ad Guys*.

We lose patience when clients cut out more marketing budget for their 30 second spots and in-store ads.  They roll their eyes when we work with celebrity spokespeople and manage magazine connections.  But after years of seeing both sides squabble and then join forces to kick ass together, there is admittedly much we can learn from the Ad Guys.  Aside from being quick, cute, and always up for the impossible, here are our top three things we’ve learned from the Ad Guys (with some of our favorite ads):

1) Sell Yourself – When first starting out in public relations, it can be easy to forget why we were hired by our clients.  Our worth seems self-explanatory.  Take a note from the advertisers here, who frequently pump out unique language and images to sell their client’s product (take Make Up For Ever and Piperlime).  Sell your hard work to your clients in a creative and appealing package, whether it be a simple media tracker or a formal scope of work or a new business presentation.

2) Try Something Different – Remember that Dove Real Beauty Evolution video that made us all drop our jaws?  Try making a statement for your client in the next brainstorm or event program.  What does your client have to say that’s different than any other voice out there?  How can your client say something that’s been said, but in a new and attention-grabbing way?

3) Have a Laugh – We’ve all had that day of work where we finally feel the pressure of the long hours upon us, and we first get the sting of the “burn out.”  No, the advertising team downstairs isn’t slacking off and howling like hyenas to annoy you.  They’re working just as late hours, but they’re giving themselves a laugh with a crazy story board or new twist on a traditional food brand.  Try to put a little humor in your next pitch or social media post a la @BabyCarrots or the infamous E*Trade Baby.


What lessons have you learned from the Ad Guys?  Do you look for PR inspiration in advertising?


*nycPRgirls recognize that there are many Ad Gals, just as there are many PR Boys.  And we truly respect and appreciate them all.

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District PRofile: SoHo

If you’ve been reading our blog, we’ve been profiling different districts in the city including the Upper East Side, Flatiron and Meatpacking. One of our Twitter followers offered to profile for SoHo and we had to share their suggestions. Thanks to the ladies of Brew PR!

TO SEE:  Catch an independent film at the  Angelika  and take a walk around the district.  SoHo in itself is a solid place to see – the cobblestone streets, shopping and  architecture  is completely different than the rest of the city.

TO EAT:  For seafood, absolutely  Lure Fishbar. The raw bar serves up the best oysters on the half shell imaginable and their lunch specials are always solid- feels like you’re on a boat also, awesome. If you want something outside,  definitely  Soho Park  (best chicken sandwich ever).

*nyc PR girls suggestion, Kelley and Ping for  Malaysian Curried Noodles

TO DESSERT:  Too many dessert options.  Caffe Falai  serves up an unbelievable Crepe Cake.  And, let’s be serious,  The Best Chocolate Cake  shop is right around the corner. No more to say!

TO DRINK:  For vodka,  Pravda, bottom line – you may feel like you’re in Russia. We also love  Merc Bar  for their awesome infused cocktails and open window/door setup.

TO SHOP:  SoHo is unfortunately, or very fortunately, the heart of the best shopping in the world. A favorite of Brew PR’s is hands down  Brandy Melville. Plus  UNIQLO  is a must stop for some solid basic attire.

*nyc PR girls suggestion, Topshop and DASH

Where are your favorite places to go in SoHo?  Also, email us if you are interested in profiling an NYC district. We’d love your input!

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