Where in the World to Get a Haircut

I’ve had my same hair stylist since I was 15 years old.   I’ve trusted him with almost everything – how to get me over a bad breakup, how to make me look hot, how to polish me up for a new job.   I love being able to sit down in a chair and let the man do whatever he would like to my head of hair.

Living in New York for the past six years, it hasn’t been the easiest to commute back to upstate New York for a trim and some color.   Last week, I asked you where you like to get your hair done in NYC – a common question of young women living in this metropolis where there’s literally a salon on every corner.   And I took your advice!   Below please find some top options for cut and color in the city, at every budget:

Oh to have this kind of hair all. day. long.

Rita Hazan Salon – The top-of-the-heap, premier location for a color.   Celebs frequent Rita Hazan and trust the staff with their constantly-photographed heads, so why shouldn’t you?   But prepare to unload your wallet for that kind of treatment

Shampoo on Avenue B – @catybennett recommended this reasonable and eclectic salon via Twitter, and guess what – I went!   Jennifer game me the exact color I wanted, and the cut is just what the doctor ordered.   I’m hooked!

Bumble & Bumble – Believe it or not, a signature Bumble & Bumble cut can be right in your price range.   Sign up for their model program to receive notices for free cuts and color (with an additional spend).


When Buzzwords Become a Buzz Kill

Even the word, buzzword, has become a buzzword in and of itself. ‘œBuzzwords and industry jargon are a form of shorthand used by people within a particular company or profession, but they can be confusing or even seem exclusionary to individuals outside of that field,’ said Max Messmer, author of  Job Hunting For Dummies ®  (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.).   ‘œWhen these words are overused, they can lose their impact altogether.’

That is when a buzzword turns into a major buzz kill. The overuse of these words impacts your message. It may be easier to throw out a buzzword to announce in a press release that your product or brand is the “best” or “innovative”. Ask yourself, do these buzzwords truly communicate your message? Probably not. Instead, use clear and concise sentences with relevant information when writing a press release. Your strong writing and content will be all the buzz you need to hook the press. Innovative and best are just a few of the hundreds of buzzwords that are sent across the wire on a daily basis.

PR strategist  Adam Sherk  determined the top 100 most overused buzzwords through PRFilter, a website from Real Wire that aggregates press releases. Ranked on usage in press release, here are the top twenty:


1. leader
2. leading
3. best
4. top
5. unique
6. great
7. solution
8. largest
9. innovative
10. innovator
11. award winning
12. exclusive
13. premier
14. extensive
15. leading provider
16. innovation
17. real-time
18. fastest
19. easy to use
20. dynamic

View the full list of 100 here.

image via  Publishing Perspectives

PR Girl PRowess: How To Make an Impression

An over arching theme of this blog is trying to find a place for each of us in the PR world.   It can be hard to know where to start and intimidating to try and make your mark, but having the right attitude can help a ton.   Whether you’re in the middle of your first internship, interviewing for the next or praying for a full-time job with your current, here is how you can make a positive impression with your new colleagues.

Show a true interest in your work – This is the most valuable piece of advice we can give. It’s not about sucking up, kissing the ground your supervisor walks on, or even working until one in the morning. It’s about wanting to learn and grow and showing this to your supervisors or potential employee. Offer to take on more work that’s just above your level, or suggest working on an account that’s outside your comfort zone.

Red soles are one way to leave a lasting impression, but try these tips before blowing the rent :)

Have a signature… something – It’s always nice to have something to wear that is truly YOU. I have a set of bangles that were my mother’s that I wear almost every day. They’re a little different, go with almost anything, and they easily strike up a conversation. Try wearing something unique (but not flashy) to your next meeting or interview.

And duh, SMILE – I can’t tell you how many interns or new employees I’ve caught sighing with frustration or constantly look like they’re on the verge of tears (hey, I’ve been there). If you’re not happy, you should do something about it (we’ll talk about that later). But if YOU ARE, don’t be afraid to show it! Just because half the office is in a tizzy over a project doesn’t mean you need to be too. Show a positive demeanor and you’ll most likely be pulled on new projects.. because people will want to work with you!

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Securing a PR Job in NYC

One of the most frequently emailed questions we receive is from out-of-towners looking for a PR job in a city. Whether you’re coming from a different state or even a different country, the New York City PR job market can seem extremely large so where do you even start?

Depending on your experience, my advice would be to start from the bottom. Even though you have several PR internships under your belt, more than likely you are going to have to start in New York City with another internship despite your age or the fact that you already graduated. Internships are the one way to break into the industry and meet people with no strings attached. Just as you wouldn’t want to settle for a firm you are unsure of, a firm isn’t going to want to settle for an employee they aren’t sure of.

Next you need to make sure you start researching and taping all the contacts (if any) you have in New York City. Don’t be afraid to message that girl in your PR class from freshman year that recently moved to New York as well. She may know of a job opening. Research every PR firm’s website with the speciality you are interested in (be it consumer, healthcare, digital, entertainment, etc).

Make sure you use job search engines to help you along the way. Just remember, you are only as good as the knowledge you have of the PR world so familiarize yourself with as many agencies as you can. If you are submitting your resume but aren’t receiving any responses, request an  informational interview.

As much as we would like to tell you it’s a piece of cake, securing a PR job in the city, especially when you are from out-of-town, can be extremely difficult. However, these are a few steps you can take to make the process easier.

How did you break into the NYC job market? If you haven’t, what questions do you have? Don’t forget to check out our Guide for more information.

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