What a PR Girl Still Wishes She Could Do…

While the PR girl is absolutely multi-talented and supremely knowledgeable, there are a few certain everyday tasks or trends that for whatever reason, we have a hard time with while other girls seem to master.   I, for one, can not work the chic, just-got-out-of-bed wave (it looks like I fell in a lake and let the pond scum dry in my hair, I swear).   A cannot keep the dates of the month straight (despite having a fabulous day calendar).   For girls who can score a placement in a national publication or daytime talk show, we’re a little bit challenged in some areas.

Lately I’ve been looking everywhere for inspiration to lead a little bit more of a glamorous life.   Here are a few of the items I just WISH I could do:

  • Rock more jewelry than my every day chunky watch and bracelets
  • Enjoy blockbuster movies without analyzing the product placements within each scene
  • Pull off multi-colored eyeshadow
  • Perfect the puposefully-messy bun without it turning into a ponytail at the end of the day
  • Get to the gym BEFORE work
  • Run in a pair of heels without tearing up the heel/falling on my face/scuffing them up
  • Write thank you notes, not just emails
  • Give myself frequent manicures
  • Remember to wear lip gloss
  • Don a statement jacket, like Blake’s above

What do you wish you could master to take your inner PR Girl up a knotch? Tell us at @nycPRgirls


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The City Bakery

City Bakery is one of the most popular food destinations in all of New York City, located in Union Square (3 West 18th Street and Fifth).  Lucky for me, it is conveniently located all too close to my office. Therefore, I frequently visit for lunch, but mostly for a mid afternoon chocolate chip cookie craving as they have some of the best baked goods in the city.


More than just a bakery, as the name would have you assume, City Bakery  is also a cafe, coffee bar and cafeteria all in one.  They serve breakfast, a salad bar buffet, soups, sandwiches and specialty pizzas.

Aside from the deliciously delectable cookies, City Bakery also has on their menu THE best hot chocolate in the city. Don’t believe me?   It’s so good City Bakery holds an Annual Hot Chocolate Festival, held every February, in celebration of  their hot cocoa. The menu of hot chocolate features flavors such as Banana Peel Hot Chocolate, Vanilla Bean Hot Chocolate, Malted Milk Hot Chocolate, Bourbon Hot Chocolate and Sunken Treasure Hot Chocolate.

If that wasn’t enough to tempt your taste buds, City Bakery knows not all sweet lovers are chocolate lovers (crazy, I know). If you are more of a salty sweet pastry lover (or let’s face it any pasty lover)  you must try the one and only “Pretzel Croissant”. I suggest you stop by this weekend and try one for yourself with a cup of hot chocolate. Even typing this post, I’m craving all City Bakery has to offer.
image via Flickr.com

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10 Signs You Have PR Girl Charm

Adrianna has written about the clues as to whether or not public relations is the career path for you.  On top of needing top-notch writing skills and a patience for gift-bag-creation, most successful PR girls have a certain  je ne sais quoi that can leave others a little spellbound.  While certain charms cannot be taught, push yourself out of your comfort zone and you might find that you too have these PR girl gifts.  Here are our top ten signs that you have PR girl charm:

  • You somehow always get a smile and small talk from your Starbucks barista/Duane Reade cashier/newsstand man, even on the most grumpy, grey day.
  • You are comfortable walking into an event alone, because you’re sure you’ll have a new friend before the hour is over.
  • You never fear customer service calls, because you almost always get what you need (and more) from the representative (a pleasant demeanor goes a long way!).
  • You are the “active listener” of your social circle.  People know they can confide in you and can expect grounded, objective and problem-solving solutions in your advice.
  • You astounded your friends when you walked into the Verizon store “just to browse,” and walked out with a free iPhone.
  • You always are the first to make nice with the bartender or waitress.
  • You have fun with your dating scene, and are willing to put yourself out there for the chance to make great connections.
  • You are never afraid to make eye contact, and give a great handshake.
  • Girls consistently request your style advice, and you always have a new deal or designer-for-less find to brag about.
  • You understand the power of a true, friendly smile.

Have a few more?  Share with us on Twitter at @nycprgirls.

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Beer Gardens

The month of October is full of celebrations including endless birthdays and Oktoberfest. Even as someone who doesn’t drink beer (EVER), I have a serious appreciation for beer gardens and have been to several just in the last week. Considering the weather is still tolerable, if you’re looking for a great place to drink after work or during the day on the weekend, think about heading out to one of these beer gardens to celebrate the season.

The Standard Biergarten
848 Washington Street
Enjoy a classic German menu, flavorful beers and play ping pong outside under heaters. Just make sure you dress appropriately! I learned that lesson very quickly.

Bierhaus NYC
712 3rd Avenue
An indoor Bavarian style bier hall located in Midtown with delicious German food, loud live polka music and beers in a boot size glass. Feels like you’re in Germany!

200 Fifth Avenue
A rooftop restaurant and brewery with a scenic view and its own beer on tap. Be prepared for a wait to be seated (inside Eataly).

Do you have a favorite beer garden in New York City?

images via nycgo.com & newyork.timeout.com