Restaurant: Serendipity 3

Serendipity (serÉ™nˈdipitÄ“),  by definition, is the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way: “a fortunate stroke of serendipity”.  However, one visit to Serendipity 3  (Located at 225 E 60th Street, between 2nd and 3rd Ave) and you will forever have a new meaning for the word.

John and Kate enjoying their own frozen hot chocolate  

Made famous for their scene in the movie  Serendipity with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale, Serendipity 3 is a frequent stop on the NYC to eat list. Therefore, expect a wait. On my first visit, I showed up about fifteen minutes after opening and had a minimal wait time. Their menu is American style featuring a variety of sandwiches, hamburgers, casseroles, pastas and even crepes and omelettes. I enjoyed the food, but you don’t visit Serendipity 3 for a hamburger, you go for the dessert.

The frozen hot chocolate is amazing. I highly recommend if you try anything it is the frozen hot chocolate. Not only is it delicious, but the portion is huge sizeable. Serendipity is synonymous  with Frozen Hot Chocolate, at least for me. I hear the word serendipity and I am no longer reminded of fate, but tempting my taste buds with a chocolatey  frozen treat.

So if you are planning a visit to NYC soon, stop by Serendipty 3, not only should this restaurant be on your bucket list for their tasty desserts,  but they are located near Dylan’s Candy Bar ( candy store mecca) and Bloomingdale’s (shopping mecca) in the Upper East Side.  Now, that location is definitely one happy accident.

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Staying Sharp in a PR Girl World

Being the multi-talented, fully-booked and crazy charming PR girls that we are, it is incredibly easy to get wrapped up in the day to day tasks and drop-everything emergencies that consume our lives.   That has been the story of my life the past few weeks.   Although I’m proud of my accomplishments, I’ve also noticed this frenzied work life has lead me to lose a bit of “my touch.” Company brainstorms and pitching used to be a highlight of my day, but now my brain literally hurts as I try to pump out ideas.   When I had trouble remembering an EASY social connection over the weekend, I realized it was time to take control and get sharp again.   Here are my top three (fun!) tricks for staying on top of the game:

Try to avoid the ditziness…

Keep a journal – A blog, a tumblr, whatever will help you jot down ideas and keep you inspired… and accountable. Try to write almost everyday for pure pleasure.

Take notice of marketing campaigns around you – Has a brand’s recent change in strategy caught your eye? Was there a Twitter program that you just thought was amazingly cool? What would you have done differently? How could these campaigns work for your clients? Use these thoughts when going into a company brainstorm. Your research and knowledge on recent events are sure to impress.

Play out your fantasy client – If you could represent any brand, which brand would it be? What would you change? What are the brand’s strengths and weaknesses? What problems would you overcome and how? All these questions are relevant ones when it comes to new business, even if some time passes before you pitch your dream client.


The NYC Marathon

Yesterday was one of the most inspiring days of the year – the annual NYC Marathon. Since its start 40 years ago, the NYC Marathon has become the largest marathon in the world with over 47,000 runners making their way through the five boroughs.

This year, I watched along 1st Avenue on the Upper East Side. The best part is seeing some of the crazy costumes runners dress in. Imagine running 26.2 miles in an oversized fur coat?!

Congratulations to every runner that completed the race. I know that completing a marathon is personally on my bucket list. Did you get a chance to watch?

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Pick of the Week – Hunter Boots

Prior to moving to New York, my shoe collection consisted of flip-flops, sandals and wedges. I maybe had one pair of boots that I wore on the one slightly chilly day once a year. As my boot collection continues to grow there is one pair of boots in particular I could not live without, Hunter  rain boots.

My first snow experience in the city I was in a pair of leather Cole Haan boots, trekking through the snow and the slush, thinking there had to be a better way. To say I was naive to dressing for snowmageddon would be an understatement. Leather boots were just so unpractical for snow, and rain boots. Really? Did I want to spend my entire winter slushing  around in plastic rain deterrent material boots? That didn’t seem like it exuded the polished, chic NYC look I was trying to pull off.

Ashley Olsen sporting Hunter boots in signature Jimmy Choo crocodile print with gold buckle hardware

Thankfully, it didn’t take long for me to discover Hunter, the stylish alternative to the yellow rain boots of your childhood. Hunter rain boots  come in a variety of vibrant and neutral colors that help you beat the winter weather while still looking pulled together.

After all, if you are going to have to wear a pair of rain boots all winter, it shouldn’t cramp your style. So if you are moving to NYC and experiencing city snow living for the first time, I highly recommend investing in a pair of Hunter boots!

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