Being Indispensable

Being indispensable at work is always important and it’s something  I try to achieve every day since I started working in PR. To be successful and move up the corporate ladder,  it’s imperative to demonstrate your value and passion at work  as part of the company. Below are a few tips to help you standout at work and prove you are a true asset to your team.

Understand your job and position: Know exactly what’s expected of you in your position and work above those standards.

Adapt and learn: Work is constantly changing, particularly in PR. It could be a new client, new social media channel or new coworker, embrace change and learn along the way.

Be reliable: Follow through on all assignments and complete them on time. Prove to your team that they can count on you anytime no matter what.

Bring ideas to the table: Don’t just listen, be part of the conversation and provide input.

Have a niche: Whether it’s your graphic design skills or social media expertise, demonstrate the value of your assets to your team.

Look for extra work: Don’t settle for only what’s given to you. Take your position to the next level.

How have you become indispensable at work?

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Restaurant: Catch

It’s been a while since we’ve done a restaurant review on our blog, but last week I finally got a chance to go to Catch in the Meatpacking District and wanted to share my experience. Since it opened last fall, I heard nothing but great reviews from seafood lovers and fans of its executive chef  Hung Huynh  of  Top Chef.  

The three-level restaurant is semi-hidden located on W. 13th St. and 9th. With a chic ambiance, it’s a perfect place to meet after work for drinks and appetizers. We tried the macaroni lobster & cream, crunchy rice cakes (with tuna tartare) and crispy shrimp in a spicy mayo. All delicious, particularly the macaroni lobster & cream  that comes in a sizzling pan.

For dessert we tried the peanut butter souffle with a peanut butter popsicles, fresh baked cookie bucket and chocolate brownie cake. Need I say more?  Plus if you stay till sunset, there’s a rooftop lounge with  panoramic views of Meatpacking  that opens at 9 p.m.

Have a favorite restaurant to go after work? Share with us.

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PR Girl PRowess: Finding a Client You’re Passionate About

One of my go-to pieces of advice for those looking for a job or internship in PR is to pay attention to the clients you would be working on.   While a title, salary or office may be super appealing, if you’re only working for clients you have no interest in or passion for, it will be hard to find the motivation to conquer the tedious and overbearing tasks that are found in entry level jobs.

However, after giving this advice over and over again, I realized that not everyone may have that “dream client” that I had since I was in college. It’s nothing to worry about.   It really does take time to figure out what niche of PR fits you best.   There are a couple ways you can get started on finding the perfect clients for you…

Figure out what excites you – Do you love sharing beauty tips with friends? Are you constantly on Mashable looking for the latest and greatest in tech and social media? Do you worship E! News and hope to control the celebrity life? Ask yourself what unique items you’re drawn to naturally.   Even if you like nothing more than to curl up with the most recent hardcover novel on the weekend, there is a potential PR client waiting in your everyday life.

Take a look around, then take notes – is there a marketing program from Nike that blew your mind?   Did you see a grassroots program from an organic food distributor that you found unique and clever? Want to be a part of it next time?   Google the brand and the event or program that caught your eye.   See if there is a press release attached to the activation.   Not only will it give your more information on the campaign, but it could potentially have a PR contact attached for you to reach out to (helllooo resume).

Finally, accept that not every client is a dream client – While A and I always encourage our readers and tweeters to reach for their dream job, with every perfect client comes a not-so-great one.   Accept that you may have to work on more than a few accounts that may not light your fire.   This is okay!   It’s always good to expand your horizons and try something new.   Always be on the lookout for an opportunity to work on something exciting, and work your butt off to show your stuff in the meantime!

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Getting Back to Good

I’m back in New York City for literally 52 hours before I have to head back to Iowa for another client event.   Though making rapid fire business trips is intimidating and indeed tiring, I wouldn’t trade the experiences I have on off-site client meetings for anything.   The unique events, new connections, and bonding time I have with my team members and clients are irreplaceable.

That said, I do have to take special care of myself so I don’t contract (yet another) virus or run myself down.   Here are a few things I’m sure to do to stay sane during travel:

  • Beautifying face mask to detox airplane air (I like Kiehl’s Raw Earth)
  • Replenish my body with the necessary nutrients (I recently got hooked on Synergy Kombucha)
  • Exercise or go for a run every day (if possible)
  • Talking with family and friends on the phone (not just text)
  • Instagram my experiences
  • Keep a journal with new things learned in each city

What do you like to do to stay sane while running around?

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