When Everyone Leaves for Vacation

This week at work has been a hectic one. My account supervisors on two of my clients are out of the office and I’m continuing work on a new business proposal. On top of that, I’m leaving for a little vacation this Saturday so I need to be extra efficient. I’m extremely fortunate to have well-organized teammates that didn’t leave me with a brunt of work, but as the summer vacations start creeping up, here’s how to avoid the cluster.

Think ahead: Take note of assignments that need to be reviewed by your teammates and send it to them before they leave for vacation. Prioritize based on what can wait for them to review upon their return.

Hold a meeting: Meet with your colleague that is leaving the office before they actually do. Review what needs to be completed while they are out and ask questions so you don’t have to bother them during their time off.

Prepare for the unexpected: Stay on top of all documents and prepare for client demands when you least expect them. If you’re not sure where something stands, asks your colleague before they leave.

Send frequent updates: This is a good way to keep your teammates at bay while they are away. Let them know what your completing for them and copy them on emails (unless they request not to be).

Write a to-do list:  You know I’m an advocate of these. Make a list when the week is over of what still needs to be completed the following week so your colleagues know what hasn’t to be completed. I already have a list started of items I need to continue working on upon my return from vacation.

Are there any ways you prepare when your colleagues leave for vacation?

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Electric Daisy Carnival New York City

As mentioned last week, this past weekend MetLife Stadium hosted the Electric Daisy Carnival for the first time. Needless to say, I’m still exhausted and trying to get over just how much fun it was. Nearly 45,000 people showed up each day in their best neon/daisy attire to dance and enjoy all 31 sets Friday-Sunday. There were four stages – three in the parking lot, one in the stadium – with different lineups from the best house music DJ’s.  The event literally transported you from New Jersey to different world.

Since it was my first giant music festival, I didn’t know what to expect or how comfortable I would be in a large crowd but was pleasantly surprised by how well put together the entire event was. There were free carnival rides (had to go on the swings twice), free water stations, tons of good food and plenty of places to relax. For next years carnival, I definitely need to find a crazier outfit and bring along a whistle.

Missed it? Don’t worry.  Electric Daisy Carnival hits Las Vegas June 8 to June 10 and Electric Zoo hits New York August 31 to September 2. Here’s to hoping they bring EDC back to New York next year!

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PR Girl PRowess: Make the Most of Your Meetings

I have a love/hate relationship with internal meetings.   Sometimes, it can seem like scheduling a day full of meetings with your peers or check-in calls with the clients is taking away from the actual work you should be dong for your clients.   And the higher up your career ladder you go, it seems like the more meetings you have.

However, I have come to depend on internal meetings in a way I never thought I would, thanks to a couple tricks I learned when I switched agencies last year.   It is all about coming prepared and open communication with your colleagues, not to mention keeping it short and sweet:

Spend 10 minutes gathering your thoughts – Don’t go into any meeting blind. Think about what you can contribute, and any updates you have for the team. Make sure you can describe any current conversations you’re having with media in full detail.   If there is something you’re not sure of that may be covered in the meeting, ask beforehand what your manager expects you to bring to the table

Bring an agenda – I NEVER used to have an agenda or action items to bring to an internal meeting.   Even some client calls I used to go in with little sent beforehand.   An agenda may seem like a small necessity, but this will keep you on track through the meeting and make sure you cover on all details for the week’s work ahead (and prevent extra-long meetings)

Talk it up – Whether it’s an internal meeting or call with the client, this is an opportunity to show off your work.   Let your team know if an editor was overly excited about receiving your product.   Tell your client if the program is being well received and retweeted with influencers.   While it may seem like a little victory to you at your desk, these little victories are remembered and usually brought up in supervisor reviews

How do you make the most of your meetings?

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Manic Monday

Adrianna and I both had crazy weekends, though they could not be more different.   My sister graduated from Fordham University on Saturday, and Adrianna let loose at EDC in Jersey all weekend.   Needless to say, both of us are absolutely fried.

These are the days it seems especially hard to get out of bed and take on the day.   Whether you’re at your office job or trying to peel yourself off the couch to get back onto the internship search, here are a few quick tips on getting your groove back and finding the encouragement to take on the day:

Indulge in your morning routine. Whether it’s green tea and oatmeal or fruit and coffee, make your favorite morning snack and sit yourself in front of the computer. That’s step one

Read something inspiring. Check the news for great stories, catch up on a favorite blog or tumblr, or read an email from an old friend

Put on some tunes. For some, this is counter productive. I actually work best when I’ve got music going in my ears. Pandora is a lifesaver for my radio ADD. In the course of a couple hours I can go from top 40s to house to classic rock

Talk to a colleague. Getting the dirt from the weekend will help sedate the social buzz you have going on from the weekend. Indulge in a little gossip, then buckle down and get to work


How do you take on your Mondays?


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