BFFs in the Big Apple

With nyc PR girls, A and I hope to give our readers a bit of insight into New York City living.  We are both in 100% of agreement if we can make it here, YOU can make it here, and you can make it anywhere.  But what exactly are you supposed to do when you get here?  And who are you supposed to do it with?

While exploring New York solo is one of my favorite ways to chill out after a hard week, having a great friend base in the city is invaluable.  If you’re coming to NYC from abroad, across the country, or just far away from your hometown/collegetown, you may not have a lot of friendly contacts lined up to meet for drinks.  Lucky for you, New York is naturally one of the most social cities on the planet.  Everyone is looking to learn something new from everyone else.  Think of it this way – if you are in New York, chances are there are a bunch of people just like you looking to meet new friends too!

To get you started, here are a few new ways to meet new friends in the Big Apple:

Start at the office – Many of my close friends are people I’ve met through work contacts.  It’s never a good idea to try to become the bestie of everyone you work with, but being social and meeting for drinks with colleagues is acceptable, if not expected in PR.  Attend industry events like CEW or PRSA and start expanding your network.  A dinner date with a new contact to discuss career choices could turn into a lasting friendship.

Join a club/Start a hobby – As public relations girls we are already SO busy, it’s hard to imagine fitting in another commitment.  Starting a hobby, volunteering or signing up for a club activity is a great way to help you manage your time (make time for you – we can’t say it enough!) and introduce you to some new people outside of your career path.  We’re big fans of NYC Road Runners, Yoga to the People, Liberated Movement and Big Brothers Big Sisters. – Kind of like or for social events, but absolutely free! You can look for anything from book clubs, to group runs, to knitting class, to alumni events, to wine tasting and find a bunch of other people to attend.

How have you started to make new friends in New York City?

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EDC Hits NYC May 18-20

This weekend is one I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time. The Electric Daisy Carnival is happening in New York City (well technically New Jersey) at MetLife Stadium. The three-day festival starts this Friday and goes through Sunday from noon until late night. Over 100,000 people are expected to invade the stadium for the traveling EDM mega-fest, which sounds insane. It will be my first giant music festival – I’ve been dying to go to Coachella every year but never made it – and since Electric Zoo falls on Labor Day Weekend, I never made it a priority.

With four stages filled with house musics greatest DJ’s and carnival rides running all night long, I have no doubt it will be a good time. Tickets are still on sale so if you’re free and in the area this weekend, definitely consider going. Just make sure to wear your craziest neon outfit and most comfortable shoes in order to fit in.

Are you going to the Electric Daisy Carnival this weekend?

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The Craft of the Summer Internship Search

We’ve included a bunch of helpful articles on how to start the summer internship search in our guide and A wrote about the top 10 summer internship search tools here, but that time of the summer when the scramble to find employment after finals or graduation is upon us.   You would be surprised how many emails we receive each week asking if we’re accepting interns for the blog (we wish!!).   Though it may feel like a time of desperation, you are not a lost cause.   If you’re still looking for that perfect summer internship, keep the following items in mind:

Get on the phone – Though beginning your internship early in the spring gives you the luxury of sending mass amounts of emails looking for a bite of employment, it’s the time of year where you need to be reasonable about where you are spending your time.   Make calls to HR departments or public relations offices directly, and bluntly ask if they are still looking to hire summer interns. If the answer is yes, ask for a person to send your resume to.   If the answer is no, cross them off the list and move on.

Be smart in the search – Blasting your resume out to anyone and everyone at this point will do nothing but rattle your nerves when you hear crickets in return.   Big public relations companies will have most likely secured interns for their summer programs a couple months ago. Be sure small companies and websites are able to hire interns before crowding their inbox.

Use your contacts – Summer is not the time to be shy about using your contacts.   Ask everyone you know, professors, deans, friends, friends of friends, if they know of any opportunities or have any contacts they can share in PR.   WARNING – do not think you can create a network by sending blind emails. Establish a connection, and after conversation allows ask for any insight into getting your foot in the door.


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PR Girl PRowess – Daily Shortcuts

Stemming off A’s theme of work/life balance from yesterday, I wanted to post a couple tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years of making the most of the time we DO have on our hands.   It’s really easy to let a couple things slide until they become a mountain of a problem, but with a few short cuts employed daily, you’ll be able to tackle your to-do list and whatever else the day has planned for you.

  • When you come back to your desk to find an insufferable amount of emails, organize by subject matter first. If the issue is urgent, you can deal with it right away
  • Calendar alerts are for more than just meetings. I use them to block off pitching time, remind me to look for magazines to hit newsstands, even check twitter! Set important reminders for yourself
  • Create a list of “action items” after each call you have – whether it’s with a vendor or a client – separate from your to-do list. Reference it at the beginning of every day to be sure you took care of each task
  • Set up google alerts for your clients, client competitors, and topics you are interested in
  • If you work from master media lists (as most of us do), create your own personal media list with your assigned outlets. Keep track of correspondence and emails in this tracker saved on your desktop

What PR tricks of the trade do you use daily?


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