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In case you missed it, A was quoted in an IFB feature entitled “Be Your Own Agent: PR Tactics for the Blogging Community.”   She stressed the importance of social media while promoting your blog and making a connection with your readers.   While Twitter is one of the main ways we reach our audience at nyc PR girls, it’s also one of the channels we get the most questions on when it comes to job hunting and PR careers.   How can I make my Twitter work for me? Will a blog help me with a job search?   Do interviewers care if I’m involved in Pinterest?

To say social media is ever-changing is an understatement.   I am still in the Facebook generation that believes the page was created for college students-only, as a way to meet up before the first class (ancient, I know).   The fact that Twitter pages, Facebook passwords and blogs are now being printed on resumes and offered in interviews still blows my mind.   So how can you take advantage of social media in your career path?

Find an outlet that matches your passion – In terms of nyc PR girls, Adrianna masters our tumblr while I’m starting out our Pinterest page.   A loves taking pictures, and I have an unhealthy obsession with the information gathering (and pretty images) of Pinterest.   Love making smart, witty observations and joining a national conversation? Twitter may be for you.   Choose an outlet that will help you show off your best self.

Stay professional – Though it may be tempting to post a “creative and so cool” picture of your tequila shots spilled all over the bar next to your cheese fries on Facebook, let me give you some advice.   Don’t.   What is this picture saying about you, not just to professional contacts, but friends and family? Keep the rowdiness offline. No judgement.

Make friends – Whether you’re on tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Spotify, whatever… if you find people with similar interests, you can promote eachother.   Social media is one never ending conversation.   Find people who are always talking about your favorite topic, and you’ll always be involved.

How do you use social media to your advantage?

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Managing Money in the City

After saving for years and contemplating for months, last week I made the biggest purchase of my life – I bought a car. One of the main reasons I decided to move to Hoboken from the Upper East Side was the fact that I could most likely afford having a car. A frequently asked question we often receive is how to manage money when moving to the city. It’s no secret that PR isn’t the highest paying career, so how do you save? Just from personal experience, below are a few of the ways I’ve learned to manage my money.

  • Don’t overspend where it’s not necessary. This means take the subway instead of a cab, even when you don’t want to. Don’t go the bar every night and open yourself a tab. Consider making food at home instead of eating out or ordering delivery. Make conscious decisions on the clothes and accessories you buy instead of making impulse purchases. All areas you can save money.
  • Put money into savings. Every month, set aside a certain amount of money to go directly into your savings account. Even if it’s just $100-$200.
  • Develop a budget. I’ve created myself a personal finance tracker. I like to see exactly where and how much money I need to spend each month. From there, I budget how much I can spend on food, clothes and extracurricular activities.
  • Cap your credit card. Don’t use your credit card without any limits. I consciously tell myself to not go over a certain amount so I don’t end up in too much debt. I also set-up my credit cards payments to be paid automatically each month to ensure I’m never late.

What are some ways you manage your money in the city?

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Prepping for the Summer Season

As A mentioned yesterday, she and I are SO ready for May to be here and summer to get underway.   I’ve always considered Memorial Day the unofficial start of summer, especially here in New York.   Though it has been rainy all week, With the holiday weekend just weeks away, I’m mentally and physically preparing myself for my favorite season to start.   Here are a few things Adrianna and I are doing to prepare:

How are you looking forward to warmer weather?

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PR Twitter Tips: April 2012

April showers bring May flowers have a whole new meaning for M and I. April was a CRAZY filled month with traveling, planning and some great PR Twitter tips of course. Below are a few of our favorites from the month. Thanks to all that contributed.

@MissNyle: You never lie to reporters. Once you do there is no going back.

@lingerie_addict  Don’t ask a blogger  to talk about you as a “favor”. Why does your brand deserve a favor over all the other ones?

@PeaRlBellaPR: News is anything that is new, different and creative. Remember that when creating pitches, press releases & campaigns.

@ELINEHOFMAN:  “If you think your job ends on Friday, think again. Opportunity doesn’t sleep.”

@AmbersMouthwash: When contacting editors, keep things short, polite and to the point.

@PeaRlBellaPR  Tie your pitch into an emotion. The media is more likely to respond if you can make them laugh, cry or even feel anger.

@IndependentlyPR:  1. Know your audience 2. Stop forcing music down their throats and over saturating social media/market 3. Engage.

@kulasj: Invest in your work but strive for balance. Work is something you do, not who you are.

@WomenInPR1: Increasing brand awareness for our clients in this climate is much easier if we remember to think like reporters.

@Fentselite: Act, don’t react.

@Leanne_Barton: You cannot efficiently evaluate the success of a campaign if don’t set SMART objectives at the beginning.

@JemimaFaye: ‘˜Success only comes to those who persevere no matter how many times you get rejected and fail.’

@jeffkart: If you’re going to send me a pitch, please include a link that i can share/link to if i decide to write about it.

@MahAlGhalib: It is always better to under promise and over achieve than to over promise and under achieve!

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