Fashion Friday: The Perfect Work Bag

Now that summer is donzo, I’m in the market for a new fall wardrobe. I have a pretty good start to a collection of cute clutches and cross body bags, but the perfect work bag is still far from reach. I am extremely picky when it comes to handbags – I want something classy, that will add to an outfit rather than distract from it.   Below are a couple of my favorite structured picks to schlep all a PR girl’s daily   needs in:


1. Mango, $80

2. Urban Expressions, $68

3. Zara, $149

4. Zara, $80


The Not So Glamorous PR Girls Travel

Getting into the PR industry, travel is often a part of the job and you should definitely make the most of it. It has its ups; you get to see new places, discover new sights and travel to locations you  wouldn’t  normally see. If you follow us on Instagram (@nycprgirls), you probably saw some photos from my travels this week. While I love to travel, business travel  isn’t  always as glamorous as it seems. Those of you who have been in PR for several years would most likely agree.

Business travel:

  • Is usually last minute
  • Takes you away from a full day of work
  • Racks up your to-do list
  • Can be lonely
  • Comes with expenses
  • Leaves you tired
  • Turns the weather against you
  • Often comes with flight delays
  • Makes you miss home
  • Is quick, leaving you with little to no time to explore
  • Can be filled with pressure depending on your reason for travel

How do you feel about business travel?

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Embarrassing PR Girl Confessions

I am the first to admit, I’m a bit goofy and awkward as a person.   While this used to be a quality I tried to hide as much as humanly possible in high school and college, in my adult life I’ve chosen to own it. I have to say it has actually helped in my career and in my life.   Not only because owning who you are leads to incredible confidence, but also being a bit   weird helps you bond with others!   Everyone likes having a good laugh, and everyone enjoys being around an easy going person who can laugh at herself.

There are certain things about a PR girl that are just downright silly.   While we have accepted these traits and actions as normal, it would be safe to assume that our friends/boyfriends/parents/strangers think they are just plain odd.   Here are a few embarrassing PR girl confessions that we are definitely guilty of:

  • We get a little too excited when our Staples order comes into the office, and new colors of pens/Post-it notes are inside
  • Though we are obviously frustrated when people do not understand what PR is, PR girls can rarely explain what PR is themselves
  • PR girls can run in heels like a pro, but sometimes we just fall from standing up out of pure exhaustion
  • We yell openly into the office to communicate just about anything, whether it’s hunger/time of the month/pop culture news break/poor fashion decision
  • We share an online purchase decision with at least 10 people for confirmation it is actually cute before making the commitment
  • PR girls talk about celebrities like we know them personally, since it is our job to research their backgrounds, latest mishaps, and personalities for potential partnership work in the future
  • We believe we “own” the room at any given moment, so we are usually the first to dance on the table or booth at a party
  • We’ve read every new women’s magazine most likely before it hits newsstands
  • PR girls will make drafts of texts before sending texts, to be sure they are communicating what they mean
  • If you are standing in line at the movies/public restroom/Starbucks, there is most likely a PR girl behind you eavesdropping on your conversation
  • We spend so much time with our iPhone, we have changed our lock screen to a picture of an attractive male to make us feel a little less lonely (aka the ManPhone)


What are some other PR girl confessions?

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How to Own Any Social Sitch

Though PR girls are absolutely supposed to “own” the room when hosting an event or escorting clients to an important party, there are plenty of other opportunities to show off your social prowess in everyday life and practice your networking skills. Since I am naturally introverted, I look for any opportunity to push myself out of my comfort zone, make a few new friends and work on my social graces.   And hey, you never know who you could meet while chatting up fellow football fans!

Whether you’re still in school or already working your way up the corporate ladder, here are a few ways you can rock the room and own any social situation:

In college – I was still pretty shy through the first part of college, and it wasn’t until I started my internships that I realized how easy it is to make friends when you speak up!   Adrianna had a very different college experience, and she swears that her sorority life completely influenced her PR career.   Either way, be sure you get involved during your four years of higher learning – join dance club, debate team, club lacrosse, whatever! Put yourself into a new group of people and you’ll be sure to be thrown into the role of hostess/party guest/team leader/cheerleader at any given moment

At the farmer’s market/spin class/Bed Bath and Beyond – When you’re running errands or at a new workout class, take the opportunity to talk to a stranger and learn something new.   Ask a store clerk about the best kind of blender. Ask someone in line for class where she got her spinning shoes. Learning how to ask the right questions and keeping up an informative conversation is key in PR, and will get you very far very quickly in life!

At Happy Hour – When you’re in college, “Happy Hour” sounds like an excuse for adults to drink after work before they crash in bed at 9:30pm.   That’s only partly true.   Happy Hour is a very strong networking opportunity and a chance to bond with new people in a fun location.   If you’re going to Happy Hour with girl friends, be sure you branch out and ask strangers about the game on TV or any current events to strike up a conversation. If you’re with work colleagues, take this opportunity to learn about their work load and how they are managing at the office


How do you network in your daily life?


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