New York Fashion Week: Richard Chai Spring 2013

One of the (many) perks of being a PR girl is having the opportunity to attend some fabulous fashion events. Of course, it doesn’t come with out some hard work.   A client of mine was working the Richard Chai Spring 2013 show, so I had the opportunity to see first hand how backstage of New York Fashion Week goes down.   The answer – a lot of late models, a lot of coffee, and a HECK of a lot of talent.   Though running around backstage and running errands to be sure everyone has everything they need seems beyond insane at the time, it is all worth it when the show perfectly comes together for those 10 minutes of beauty.

photos from Richard Chai Spring 2013

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The Beast Speedboat

This past weekend I finally got to check  an item off of the NYC to-do list and traveled to the west side to ride The Beast. The Beast is a speedboat ride that leaves from West 42nd  Street and 12th Avenue  every day on the hour through the summer until September 30. The 30-minute  boat ride  takes you to the Statue of Liberty to take photos and back.

The  Beast was a blast – loud music blasting, a fast ride, great views  and lots and lots of water. One thing I wasn’t expecting is how they purposely try to get you soaked, so don’t expect to walk off this ride dry. Definitely add this ride to your bucket list. Many New Yorkers don’t even know about it!

Following the boat ride I ventured down to the West Village for all you can eat sushi at Kumo  (I had dried off by then). Only $25 for unlimited sushi – great for birthday get togethers.

Have you taken any boat rides around the city? What was your favorite?

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PR Twitter Tips: August 2012

With the closing of summer, M and I are looking forward to fall and are happy to share this months best PR twitter tips. Tweet #PR101 for a chance to be included in next months round-up.

@SueannTannis: The uncompromisable law of public relations: Never, ever assume.

@CFDA: Focus on what makes you unique. 99% of the time, talent prevails. –  Pierre Rougier

@TeamIPR:  Make sure your website/social media links work & are still active!

@FreshImagePR: Don’t say something on or off the record that you would regret seeing in print later.

@PRMentalityLLC: When promoting a new brand, it is all about developing brand awareness. Brand loyalty will come later.

@TheSilverTele: Remember to update your media lists regularly.

@CityPRGirl: Read everything! From blogs to newspapers… It’s important to be aware of changes in the industry & in the world.

@PeaRlBellaPR: Use creativity and inventiveness to keep your cause in the limelight.

@KJPrry: Research is just as important as execution.

@AlyssaPR: Be yourself because everyone else is already taken.

@NataliepBui: In correspondence always address a human. Email is inhuman enough.

@LyNNPRmentaLity: It’s important that clients fit the needs of the firm and the firm fits the needs of the client.

@AlisonMCross: Write down everything! It’s a fast pace world and you’ll want to reference your notes regularly.

@9jamusic: Hard work pays off. Build your resume, make connections, be the best you can be.

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A PR Girl’s Fashion Week Needs

This week is a little hectic, as Fashion week is kicking off in New York and A and I are working a couple shows for our clients.   Though we will not be hand on working with models or walking runways, we do have to make sure our clients have the best experience backstage while securing media interviews and basically staying out of everyone’s way.   Though Fashion Week is really as glamorous as it seems, nothing that beautiful can be executed without a little blood, sweat and tears.   Here is what a PR girl needs to have during New York Fashion Week:

  • Chic flats to run back and forth from testing sessions, heels for the actual show
  • A distinctive iPhone ring so you can hear your phone over the 254 others that are going off backstage
  • Coffee in the morning, coffee in the afternoon, coffee at night
  • Nail polish remover wipes (if you get a chip, time to take it off), face powder (you will sweat) and mascara/liquid eyeliner (you could be going from backstage to client drinks in a matter of minutes)
  • Trail mix packs to avoid starving and falling over
  • Your mom/best friend/therapist on speed dial
  • Calendar reminders of each show/appointment put into your phone, with alarms
  • SOS numbers saved in case anything should go wrong (and it almost always does)
  • Cheat sheet for clients (and yourself) with designer bios, designer pronunciation, editor bios and head shots
  • Advil
  • A scarf or jacket – backstage can be frigid, even though you’ll be running around like a mad person
  • A smile


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