Staying Focused During the Holidays

After finishing a great holiday weekend with the family, it’s often hard to get back into the office and jump into work – especially when the biggest holiday of all is right around the corner. As you get back into the groove, here are some tips and tricks for preparing for the holiday and staying focused before the December break sneaks up on us!

  • Take commuting time (not work time) to map out your holiday budget and gift ideas.
  • Figure out the game plan ahead of time for when and where you need to be for the holidays so it’s not on your mind.
  • Set dates now for what’s on your holiday bucket list such as seeing the Rock Center tree and meeting up with friends.
  • Prioritize work and tasks that need to get done before the big break.
  • Delegate work as efficiently as possible for the next couple of weeks.
  • Add some holiday decorations to your work space. Can’t hurt!
  • Write reminders down, otherwise they might get lost in the shuffle of your holiday focused mind.

How do you stay focused with the holidays around the corner?

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What to Wear Thanksgiving Weekend

I am so excited for this weekend. Time with family and old friends, lots of great food, the start of Christmas season and that welcome chill in the air… it all is Thanksgiving to me.  This also kicks off one of the busiest social seasons of the year, so of course my Pinterest board has been crowded with outfit inspiration.  Below I’ve pulled some of my favorite looks from my “Stylish” page for the weekend ahead.


Casual sequins – I have to say I love this look, and bring it to work or parties often.  One of my favorite purchases is J.Crew’s bell sequin skirt from two years ago (you can find similar ones here, here and here) which I pair with everything from a slouchy tee and flat boots to a silk blouse and heels. Can’t go wrong with sequins in the closet

Cabernet and a jacket – Having graduated from Fordham, the color “maroon” only reminds me of football games and the college cafeteria.  This saturated wine color is much warmer, and pairs perfectly with black and a crisp jacket for a smart look.  You can find a couple wine colored options here, here and here

Leopard accents – With the amount of leopard print on my Pinterest boards, you’d think I’d have leopard everything. Unfortunately, I have none.  This season though, I am convinced I will be ruling the holidays with leopard and bright colors.  You can find a scarf, a dress or a fun pair of heels to bright up any outfit

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From the Mailbox: Job Application Prep

Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about when is the right time to send in resumes for summer internships or after-graduation jobs.  With the holiday coming up this week and some much needed down time approaching, this is the perfect time to refocus on career goals:

Dear nyc PR girls,

I am a soon to be graduate in the PR field and I live in the heart of Atlanta! With graduation getting closer, I’m starting to freak out about my plans for the future (naturally!) Do you have any tips or recommendations for a girl down here looking to end up in PR?


Job Hunting in Georgia

First and foremost, do not freakout! If you’re thinking about your job search now, you are well ahead of the game.  Here are a couple tasks you can work on in the next couple months to get yourself ready for job application season.

Decide where you want to be – Do you live in suburbia but dying to get to the city?  Are you in the south, but want to move up north? Will you be staying home for the summer or living at school for the job? Whether you’re about to graduate and looking to start your career or you’re going after your first summer internship, first decide where you want to be located.  Some people choose to move where ever they find a job, but believe me, you will be much happier if you move to a town where you know you’ll be happy

Research your ideal job – Now that you have a location picked out, begin taking notes and researching some of your top companies that you’re interested in.  When I was first looking for internships, I used to have a notebook specifically for PR companies that had my ideal position. I would write down contact information, clients, recent projects, and potential internship opportunities.  That way, when I began emailing HR representatives or contacts, I could flip through my notebook and reference items about the company that caught my eye

Send out your resume… to your friends – It is still a little too early to send out your resume for summer internships or post-grad jobs, but that just means you have even more time to tweak your resume.  Ask friends and family members to take a look over the holidays.  A description of an extracurricular that you thought was fine may be confusing to others. You might also be leaving off some information that your friends and family think would be great to show off to potential employers – you never know what an objective opinion can give you


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An Ideal Manhattan Saturday

Since my move to Hoboken a year ago, I rarely go into the city during the day on the weekends. This is partially due to the fact that I enjoy relaxing in my apartment on the weekends instead of commuting into the city but this Saturday, I got an opportunity to go to the MoMA (a museum on my bucket list) early in the morning before the museum opened (aka no crowds or lines). My mom and I jumped on the opportunity to see Edvard Munch’s The Scream, on exhibit until April 29th, and other captivating famous works of art which you might have seen on Instagram.

After touring the museum for several hours, we stopped by Sarabeth’s at 40 Central Park South. Famous for its brunch, I tried the pumpkin waffle with pumpkin seeds, raisins and strawberries. Absolutely delicious, and well worth the wait which was out the door by the time we left.

Once we finished eating, we walked by Bergdorf’s and headed downtown and stopped by the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale at 260 Fifth Ave. I make sure to go to this every year since her sample sales are full of crossbody bags perfect for commuting at half-price. What could be better?

After that we stopped by The Garage Antique Flea Market, a hidden gem that pops up on 25th Street between 6th and 7th Ave. The 2 floor parking garage fills with antique jewelry and home furnishings every weekend. You never know what pieces of treasure you’ll find for a good deal. After working up another appetite, we topped of the day at Pinkberry – the only frozen yogurt place I really enjoy – and tasted its yummy new Gingerbread flavor. Sounds like a perfect Saturday to me.

What does your ideal New York City Saturday look like?

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