New York Fashion Week Fall 2013

This weekend was one of my New York favorites. Besides the major blizzard that hit the city (I love the snow!) it was New York Fashion Week. Apologies for the blurred photos – used my iPhone with the help of Instagram (@nycprgirls).

NYFW Fall 2013

After trekking through the blizzard, I headed backstage for Charlotte Ronson thanks to Sexy Hair. The hairstyles for Charlotte’s collection were inspired by both Jane Birkin and 1960’s London. The styles were simple and low maintenance but still chic – the sort of effortless looking go-to hairstyles we need for work. The collection presentation was a rainbow of jewel tones and outerwear pieces I wanted to snag off the models.

Charlotte Ronson Fall 2013 Backstage

Charlotte Ronson Fall 2013

Charlotte Ronson Fall 20132

With some time to spare, I requested standing room at Nicole Miller and luckily got it. She had a unique show that was a twist on menswear for women. The collection was filled with tomboy styles that were meant to look as if you raided your boyfriends closet. Not a bad idea…

Nicole Miller Fall 2013 Finale

On Saturday, I went to Christian Siriano’s show at Eye Beam Studios. His Fall 2013 Collection was inspired by a night at the Opera. The scene was set with dramatic red curtains and giant chandeliers. The collection was filled with pencil skirts, fur and black pieces accented with gold.

Christian Siriano Fall 2013 Black Dress

Christian Siriano Fall 2013

Did you attend or watch any of the Fall 2013 show? Share your favorite!

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Some Lo & Sons Love

We’ve already written about how much we’re obsessed with Lo & Sons bags. So when they reached out again to have us host yet another giveaway, just in time  for Valentine’s Day, we were more than thrilled!

The O.G.

I have the OG bag from Lo & Sons, and I could not love it more.  As type A that I am, I love the crazy organization of the OG including pockets, key ring, laptop sleeve – basically everything you want in a carry on.  And the stylish shape and color makes me want to carry this bag everywhere… it’s like the stylish, trendy PR girl’s answer to the Longchamp bag.

You can enter to win ANY bag of your choosing from through the widget below – just need to follow Lo & Sons on Twitter to enter! What a fabulous gift to yourself on V-day, whether you’re just headed to the gym and want to be put together or you and the BF are going somewhere sweet and special.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you don’t want to wait for the results of the giveaway, you can use GIFTOFLOVE2013 on for 20% off your order.  Code is valid until EOD Valentine’s Day.  Show yourself some love!


New York Fashion Week Prep

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week officially started in NYC and for many PR girls, it’s the busiest time of the year. For M and I, we get the honor of attending with clients but that doesn’t mean we get to just sit back, relax and enjoy the show. With a couple of shows to attend this weekend, there are several things to remember to bring along and prep for.

New York Fashion Week

  • Bring a big bag to fit all of your essentials plus any swag from the show
  • Make sure you have your best camera
  • Pack a small pair of back-up flats. The commute from Hoboken to Lincoln Center calls for these.
  • Think about what you’ll wear ahead of time. I’ll be in all black, in true PR fashion.
  • Find time to get your nails done. I tend to forget my manicure at home…
  • Write down contact information for the videographer, photographer or anyone else you’re supposed to meet
  • Double confirm that you and your client are on the list
  • Don’t forget emergency contact information for the PR rep and email proof of your confirmed attendance (just in case)
  • Have a pen to take notes so you don’t forget the looks you love
  • Make sure you can easily access all of your social media accounts (don’t forget to follow us @nycprgirls on both Twitter and Instagram Xo)
  • Number one priority, make sure your clients are happy before, during and after the show

How do you prep for New York Fashion Week? Also check out a PR Girl’s Fashion Week Needs.

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How to Conduct an Interview

I remember the first time I conducted an interview. I was interviewing a potential intern and to be honest, I had no clue what I was doing. Being a good interviewee is just as important as being a good interviewer. When I realized I didn’t know what I was doing, I held a meeting with my manager to discuss the best interviewing practices. Here are a few tips I took away on the best way to conduct an interview.

How to Conduct an Interview

  • Ask to shadow an interview. This is a great learning experience and a good opportunity to takes notes on the best interview practices.
  • Review the interviewee’s resume ahead of time. Get a feel for their experiences and begin thinking of questions based off of what you see.
  • Start off personal. Relax the mood by asking about themselves and then telling them about yourself.
  • Don’t go off a script. You don’t want to make it uncomfortable. Keep conversation flowing and be yourself. You can jot down notes of topics you want to cover, but going off of a list of questions can seem inauthentic. The interviewee is more nervous than you are!
  • Chose the best person for the job. Don’t base your judgement off of someone you think you’d be good friends with. While it is important to have “chemistry”, your best friend might not be the best co-worker.
  • Ask open-ended questions. Not questions that can be answered with a quick yes and no. Open-ended questions keep the conversation flowing.
  • Keep it concise. Try not to go over (or under) the time allotted. Sometimes you can be so deep into conversation the interview can last an hour! This has happened to me.
  • Take notes. Especially if you’re conducting several interviews in one day, you want to make sure you remember your thoughts on each person.
  • The #1 rule of advice: Go into an interview knowing exactly what you’re looking for. This is the first step in being able to craft the right questions to ask. If you’re looking for a good media pitcher, ask about their past pitching experiences. Look for specific examples that will aid your client and team.

What are some other tips you found helpful for conducting an interview? Even though I’ve conducted many, I’m definitely not a pro!

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