Fashion Friday #PR Style: Corporate Office

Adrianna and I consider ourselves fortunate that we work in pretty laid-back offices when it comes to fashion.  No, we can never dress like we’re going to the club or wear leggings as pants, but we are able to express ourselves and wear some trendy pieces while keeping things casual in the office.

If you work in a more traditional office environment, there are still plenty of opportunities to showcase your style.  The most important things to keep in mind is to to stay sleek and refined – neutral colors and form fitting.  If you’d like to add a little pop, putting a poppy or neon colored blouse under a neutral blazer is a nice touch. Chunky bracelets and necklaces can also dress up the simplest suits or dresses.

How do you dress up your corporate outfit?

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The Annoying Aspects of PR

While we love our jobs in PR lets be honest, there are annoying parts as well. Lucky for us many of them are minor and can be overlooked, but here are a few of the most annoying aspects of PR. Fellow PR girls, I think you’ll agree.

Annoying Aspects of PR

  • Waiting hours, days, weeks for materials to be reviewed.
  • Monitoring. And monitoring some more.
  • Always being the middleman.
  • Billing your time for the week. Because it’s near impossible to even remember what you had for breakfast.
  • Reading through hundreds of unread emails.
  • Flipping through a magazine and not finding the placement you thought you had.
  • Never hearing back from an editor.
  • Planning your event to a T only to have weather kill it.
  • Everyone has off on minor holidays and you don’t.
  • Cold calling.
  • Realizing you’re still checking and responding to emails at 11:30pm.

What do you think are the most annoying aspects of PR?

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Get Out of the Cold City Rut

I’m admittedly a little grumpy these days, since spring has come and I’m still wearing wool coats outside.  It’s gotten to that point in New York where “cabin fever” doesn’t even cover the frustration that everyone is feeling.  The thought of going out and being social just sounds like work in comparison to crashing on the couch and watching Miss Congeniality on TBS again.

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As hard as it is, we can’t let the dragging winter season get our New York spirits down.  Here are a few ways that you can switch it up and get out of the house before the weather finally warms up:

Take your social calendar online: Between,, grouper, and, there are plenty of ways to meet new people in the city.  If you’re not ready to jump head first into online dating, Meetup and Grouper will let you bring along a couple of friends and get your feet wet

Commit to an athletic event outside your comfort zone: A couple weeks ago I decided I was going to get out of my gym and sign up for a half marathon… with just four weeks to train.  I’m a runner already, but I’ve always wanted to run a race and a half marathon seemed like an awesome place to start. Training for the race is definitely taking time and dedication, but having something to focus on that is helping me stay healthy and get outside has made the weeks a little nicer

Plan a pub crawl/food tour: Is there an area of the city you’ve wanted to explore? Do you want to try all the dessert joints on Eater or Belgian beer bars in the city? Grab a few friends and challenge yourselves to hit them up over the next month, or get them all done in a weekend

Live out your Spotify playlist: If you’ve found some small bands or fun music through Spotify or  Pandora that you love, why not look for live shows with similar artists around the city

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PR Girl PRowess: An Internal Review

Some of the most stressful times in a PR girl or guy’s career is the time before the company review.  Superiors are usually polled or asked about your performance in the workplace, and you have an hour long discussion about your work at the company and what you can do to improve. If it’s a good conversation, you could be near tears with joy and a nice bonus to boot. If it’s a bad one, you can be near tears with disappointment and a laundry list of items to work on in the coming months.

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My advice? Try to avoid any surprises.  Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned PR vet, it’s always good to take some time to internally reflect and ask some close colleagues about your performance.  The hardest part here – be honest with yourself! Though you might not want to admit there are any issues that need to be worked on, it’s better to call it out yourself and work on a solution than find out it’s a huge problem from your superior at your formal review.

Here are a couple ways you can prepare for a formal company review with an internal review on your own:

Make a MASTER LIST of your responsibilities and goals for growth – I love to write everything down, and it helps me clear my head.  Write down a master list of all the responsibilities in your role, and how you’ve grown within each and potential areas to work on

Talk it out – Meeting with any managers or teammates to talk out any underlying issues or big projects you’ve worked on. You could have one perception of how an event went down, but a teammate can have a completely different idea of the workload. Definitely be sure to listen, and don’t get defensive.  Be open to criticism and feedback

Be proactive – If there are issues, make a plan to solve them with the help of our team. If there are strong successes, take key learnings and see how you can apply them to other areas of your work.  Look at everything as an opportunity to succeed at your job.  Everyone needs to trip up a bit before they steady their feet.  Put a smile on, and look towards the future!


How do you review your own progress at work?

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