What a PR Girl Needs in Summer Love

June has finally given into to hot, hazy, humid days of summer.  While many New Yorkers complain about the heavy heat, subway sweat showers and frizzy hair, I actually welcome these warmer days.  I’ve always been a summer baby, even if that means I’m gasping for breath before pushing my way under the AC on the 4 train each morning.  I’ve always thought sunshine brings out the best in people, and that includes the sunnier side of your romantic relationships.

Whether you’re currently with someone or not, summertime is the perfect way to add a little spark in your step and coo over a cutie on the beach (or in the park, or more likely on said sweaty 4 train).  While we’d like to spend as much time as we could daydreaming about a new crush or beau, us PR girls are still practical to a fault.  We have busy schedules that need to be tended to, but will still work for some fun in the sun with the right partner.  Here are a few things the PR girl needs to look for in a summer love…

  • Someone willing to make the most of Summer Friday hours with fun outings, mini field trips, pub crawls, and food tours
  • A partner in crime to raid the rosé
  • An understanding person who will wait up after a press event, but sneak into the event space for a cocktail on the rooftop
  • Someone who will literally threaten us to throw the phone in the ocean if we don’t put it down (but never really will)
  • A music lover, a concert go-er, an unembarrassed dancer
  • Someone to pull us away from the AC and push us for a citibike tour, a run in the park, anything active (especially hard in 99% humidity)
  • A master-maker of lemonade and iced tea (margaritas too when necessary)
  • Someone with access to a grill, whether it’s on a patio, roof, backyard, secret space in Central Park… it’s worth it
  • A sunny personality to match the carefree feeling of the season


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PRofile: @RachMariePR

Today we’re PRofiling a fellow blogger and avid tweeter @RachMariePR. She studied communications, with an emphasis in public relations, at Minnesota State University and since graduating has been interning and job searching. She started the blog, RachMarie PR, as a way to keep up on her creative writing and stay noticed in the PR world. She’s currently a PR intern at Spin PR Group in Los Angeles, California.

RachMarie PR

What attracted you to the PR industry?

I love the fast-paced and outgoing qualities of the field – I like to be busy at all times {Well, at most times. I definitely enjoy my time to relax too.} When I decided to major in mass communications I started with a concentration in journalism. I had always loved to write and, when I was a little girl, I wanted to either write books or for a fashion/beauty/lifestyle magazine when I grew up. I took a few classes that were more PR related and I realized public relations is where I belong, and I would still have the opportunity to write – a lot!

RachMarie PR Logo

What is your average day as an intern like?

There isn’t really an average day, but any day could be filled with the usual intern duties: a lot of emails and phone calls, press clippings, promoting concerts and events, writing and editing press releases, etc. My current internship keeps me pretty busy! The agency is located in Los Angeles and I am in Minneapolis so the time change can make a difference in how my day goes, but really isn’t an issue as I am ready to begin, or continue, working on my internship projects after my “day-job.”

What’s your favorite part of working in public relations?

As I said before, I love how fast-paced and busy the industry can be – I think it is great how each day is different. I love meeting and making connections with new people all the time. And, seeing a story or event I have been pitching get picked up is definitely one of my favorite parts of working in public relations.

What’s the best PR advice you ever received?

Stay open to new opportunities and experiences. While interning, always ask for more to do and learn. Learn as much as possible every day.

Through my internships I have discovered more and more about what I do and do not want or like. I found this to be exceptionally important as I ended up feeling the opposite about an industry that I thought I wanted to be in the most. It has been great to learn more about the opportunities that are available in public relations {there are so many!!} and where I see myself fitting, and succeeding.

How do you stand out as an intern?

I always be sure to complete my projects in a timely manner {usually, and hopefully, before deadline} and always ask what else I can do. I make sure to always ask questions if I need to so I can be sure my projects are done correctly and I am learning as much as possible.

Any advice for those looking to get into PR?

Intern and network; as much as possible!! These two things are very important and will make a world of difference in your position and job search. Make connections with your co-workers and keep in touch with them when your internship is complete.

Make sure you check out Rachel’s blog and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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Wednesday Deskside Distractions

It’s mid week the week before a holiday week.  I think we all need this.  Here are a few of our deskside distractions:

You've been daydreaming about doing something crazy.

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From the Mailbox: End of Media Rope

We received a letter from one of you that we thought could apply to a lot of different public relations situations… we’ve both certainly been here!

I’m a PR intern for a small business firm, and I don’t have a public relations supervisor, just the owner of the business himself.  He wants me to help build his brand, but being a businessman he doesn’t know much about public relations and can’t really guide me. I have pitched him to multiple publications and helped develop a newsletter to maintain a relationship with his clients. I was wondering what else can I do to help build his brand? Any tips would be useful!



At the End of My Rope

Whether you have a PR supervisor or not, every professional comes across a time when they feel like they have exhausted their media list and contacts for a story or pitch angle.  The real truth is, there is probably almost a dizzying number of writers you can go to for coverage on your topic, but they might be a little less obvious than you thought.  Here are a few tips to expand your outreach and secure some much needed media placements for your client.

First, do your due diligence – Imagine where you can see your story or topic placed.  Try to think beyond the obvious.  For example, every major beauty magazine is going to hear from every dermatologist in the greater United States, so think about other locations you may be a fit. Medical blogs? Men’s news sites? Parenting publications?

Go beyond the media list – Cision is one of our best tools as PR people, but sometimes it is limited with contacts. Some of my best stories have come from calling the publication directly and asking who the best person would be for my topic. I find people I never knew existed! Another source are your PR girl and guy friends. We’re willing to share resources (so long as it’s not combating news), so tap into your colleagues and peers

Pitch FOR the publication and the writer – Generic pitches are great for a heads-up, but more often than not they do not make the story. Tailor each pitch to the outlet and the editor. Be sure you’re being relevant. You’re supposed to be doing the writer a service, not clogging their inbox with nonsense


How do you extend your media rope?

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