16 Black Satchels for the PR Girl

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If your work ensemble had it’s way — it’s go to pick for office days would be the classic black satchel. These handy purses allow women everywhere to tuck away all the essentials needed for a day away from home. From your smartphone and wallet to your mini makeup bag and hair accessories, the satchel offers enough room for you to fit just about anything–even your work files.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in to carrying a bag on your forearm or your shoulder, because many of these bags work both ways so your muscles will never be to tired. We like to believe that satchels were fashions little gift to the busy working woman. For as little as $50 to as much as $3,500, we have rounded up some bags that every office look yearns for.

Michael Kors, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Rachel Roy are just a few of our favorites, check out the other designer satchels that need to make their way to your closet this season!

Fashion Accessories 16 Black Satchels for the Office


1. 3.1 Phillip Lim — Medium Pashli Satchel With Strap, $825; 2. DKNY — Saffinao Leather Satchel, $352; 3. Mark Cross — Mini Madison Satchel, $1,495; 4. COACH — Poppy Leather Flap Satchel, $328; 5. Rag & Bone — Small Pilot, $725; 6. Proenza Schouler — PS1 Medium Python, $3,645; 7. Chloé, $1,995  ; 8. Tory Burch — Amanda min Satchel, $435; 9. Rachel Roy — Totally Tailored Framed Satchel, $109; 10. MICHAEL Michael Kors — Hamilton Satchel, $298; 11. Top shop — Suede and leather satchel, $120; 12. Marc Jacobs — On Your Marc Satchel, $428; 13. Vince Camuto — Iris Satchel, $268; 14. Furla — Candy Dot Rubber Satchel, $498; 15. Emma Fox — Classic Dome Satchel, $298; 16. Asos, $50

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PR Girl Vices

Every PR girl has those few things she can’t get through the day without.  A couple are obvious (coffee), some are stereotypical but necessary (bright pink post its and high heels).  Considering the nature of our job and the drop-of-a-hat events we can be thrown into, I think we’re allowed a couple of them.  Here are a few PR Girl vices that I’ve noticed, but feel free to add your own…

  • Emergency flip flops under the desk
  • Sitting in Union Square or Bryant Park for your own private fashion show on the street
  • Event day food binges
  • Collecting more beauty samples you don’t need or don’t have room for in your apartment
  • Impractical jewelry or heel height
  • Nail painting or filing at the desk before a big meeting
  • Rent the Runway chain emails to choose event wear
  • Pinterest or Tumblr breaks
  • Tabloid magazines for “celebrity spokesperson research”
  • Visiting potential event spaces, and scheduling perfectly pre-happy hour


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10 Signs of a Manic Monday

We all have them – those crazy Monday’s you just can’t wait to get over with. But don’t worry, only 4 days until the weekend. Here are 10 signs you’re having what I would consider a manic Monday.

Manic Monday

  1. You hit your snooze button 3 times.
  2. You wake up to 46 unread emails.
  3. You start crafting email responses in your head while getting ready.
  4. You forget to grab coffee before entering the office.
  5. You have a calendar filled with meeting invites until 4pm.
  6. You want to put your head down and scream during a client call.
  7. You don’t get to working on your to do list until 5pm.
  8. You yell at your computer when you get an email you don’t like.
  9. You consider taking a nap under your desk instead of going home.
  10. You seriously wish it was Sunday.


How’s your Monday?

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Let’s Get Personal

A few of you have written into us about moving to a new city or starting a new job and wanting to document the experience.  I’ve always been a writer, whether its keeping a journal or pouring out my heart on the blog, so I understand the itch to get your story out there.  Thanks to social media, there are loads of ways to put yourself out into the world and meet new people with similar circumstances.  With this openness, comes a lot of pressure to be perfect or portray yourself with your best face forward.  Isn’t it funny that while we are looking to express ourselves, we often wonder how we can express ourselves BEST?


I’m here to tell you, don’t be nervous about the how or why, just be you!  Of course, if you’re starting a Twitter, blog or Pinterest board for work reasons, there is an element of professionalism that needs to be involved. And spell check goes a long way. Other than that, don’t feel the need to impress or fit in while you type ferociously away or collect photos that reflect your mood.  Share a silly story. Take a photo of yourself without makeup. Those that come and find you will praise your work because of who you really are, and those are the only kinds of people you want around anyway.
Good luck!

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