Preventing News Leaks

Every so often in public relations, we have news about our clients that we’d like to share with media but also keep confidential until a certain time. If the news leaks, it might not be the timing or message you and your client wanted. There are several preventative measures we can take as PR pros to make sure the news doesn’t leak. Here are a few.

Preventing News Leaks

  • Have a detailed plan. Of exactly who you’re sharing the news with. Make sure your team is aligned.
  • Make everyone you come across sign an NDA. Before you tell them anything. This includes reporter and any third party vendors that are involved with your campaign.
  • Be very clear. State in every email that the news is confidential and can’t be shared until X date. This saves your back.
  • Shred all materials. You never know who will end up with your trash. Don’t leave paperwork lying around.
  • Reiterate the embargo. Until your face is blue.
  • Be extremely careful when hitting send. You can’t take back any emails.
  • Monitor social media. An easy place for news to spread.
  • Have a plan B. If the news does end up breaking.

How have you prevented news from leaking?

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Fashion Friday: VE Takes NYC

Last week, my dear friend and favorite blogger, Nichole of Vanilla Extract, was in town for New York Fashion Week. During her stay, she brought her San Francisco style to the streets of New York City and we couldn’t be more obsessed.


blouse Nordstrom / skirt Anthropologie / shoes Steve Madden / bracelets c/o Jeweliq here and here / bracelet JIMT


shirt Zara / skirt Zara / jacket Forever 21 / jewelry Junk In Me Trunk


skirt Nordstrom / sweater Nordstrom / belt BCBG / necklace c/o Jeweliq (also love this one)

Which is your favorite look?

Make sure you follow Nichole on Twitter and Pinterest.

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A Fall Wardrobe Makeover Without Going Broke

Each season change I go through a crazy cash crisis. I want to spend my rent on a new wardrobe, but I’d also like to eat more than garbanzo beans and ramen for the next month (not to mention indulge in a little football viewing… it is autumn after all).  Especially this season, when there are so many new trends to indulge in and keep for the coming months and years (the Chelsea boot – hello!!).

Victoria´s Secret

Instead of denying yourself any shopping this season, you just need to go about it the smart way.  I’m lucky that I work downtown on 5th avenue, so I’m able to scope out all the best places and comparison shop.  You can also check out my shopping Pinboard for some inspiration. As the temperatures cool off the coming weeks, here’s where you can find some of this season’s best trends:

Leather Jackets, leather pants, mixed materials – I’m loving this trend. I’ve been holding back on buying a leather jacket until I find the perfect one, but I’ve seen a lot of great shapes. Try Piperlime, H&M (awesome, affordable pants) and Free People

Slouchy sweaters, and crisp sweater suits – Slouchy sweaters started to have their moment last winter, but cozy knits are in full swing to balance out trendy jeans and leather pants. Try Old Navy for basics, or Joe Fresh for affordable cashmere or fun, 70’s-esque sweater suits

Boots – This year, I’m going back and forth between a must have boot purchase. Riding boots have had a run as a classic for the past 8 years at least, but the surge of Chelsea boots are a great basic too.  Nine West has great quality and prices so you don’t have to sacrifice both. Also check out Zara for simple styles and great construction at a good price point

Bags – Big and structured is best for work this season, while the cross-body is still having its moment. Try Asos and Zara for stylish bags without the designer pricetag

Sales! – Some of your favorite stores are already going into sale mode to prep for the holiday shopping season. J.Crew and J.Crew Factory are both having crazy store-wide sales this week. Banana Republic and Loft, awesome for work or interview attire, are also slashing prices


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Asking for a Raise

A question we often receive – how do I ask for a raise? It’s something many of us have to do throughout our careers. And something I personally dread since I hate talking money. If you’ve put your time and hard work in and feel you’re deserving of a raise, here a few tips that might help you along.

Asking for a Raise

  • Make sure the time is right. Find out when your company usually gives promotions and raises.
  • Assess yourself. Look at the work you’re doing and be honest with yourself. Are you meeting all of your positions needs? Attributing to your clients success? Make sure you’re really deserving of a raise. If not, wait and start improving yourself.
  • Determine what you want. Have a solid number in mind. And be able to support it.
  • Speak with your manager. Discuss the assessment of yourself in person and why you think you’re deserving of the raise. See what his/her immediate feedback is and if they’re on the same page.
  • Be open to negotiation. They may be able to offer you something else besides money. Extra vacation and other benefits.
  • Be patient and prepared. Raises don’ t happen overnight. Also don’t be offended if you get any push back. There are a lot of reasons why the raise won’ t be able to happen at that time.

Have you ever asked for a raise?

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