Get a Fall Internship NOW

A few have you may already have been working hard over the summer to land the internships you’re starting this fall.  If so, good for you! You’re kicking off the year on a high note, and about to learn some invaluable lessons you may never learn in a classroom.

If you haven’t scored an internship for the fall yet, but you look at your peers enviously when they head off to the city for work before class, it’s not too late!  Here are a couple ways you can still get an internship for the fall season.



Look for smaller companies that may always need help – The bigger companies and organizations probably began looking for an intern over the summer. Your best bet is to look at smaller agencies (any place with under 50 people in the office) who may be looking for an extra set of hands and a quick brain year round.

Start with small projects – Maybe a boutique agency needs someone after Fashion Week or for a big event they have coming up. Perhaps a firm needs an admin after taking on a large client. Look for notices about needing help for a short-term project. You can still learn a lot, even if the job only lasts a couple weeks

Check out Twitter and Social media – Make sure you are checking all avenues for notices about job openings. Follow blogs or websites that post random job listings as they come in (@nycprgirls posts jobs every now and then!)

Consider something a bit out of your wheelhouse – Even if you’re POSITIVE you want to be in fashion PR, or thought you would never end up in a marketing office, weigh out your options if you find an opening in something a little outside of your “dream job.” You will definitely learn something new, and you never know where it could lead. Hey, it’s worth the interview practice anyway.

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When the Claws CAN Come Out

I’d like to think that Adrianna and I are a special breed of PR girl. We like to look at the bright side, we almost always have a smile on our face, and we think there is fun to be had in almost any situation.  Public relations professionals have a bad rep of being pushy, demanding, and cut-throat, so why add to this unattractive stereotype?


There are instances when a girl needs to stand up for herself.  Especially in a client services industry like PR, it is easy to be taken advantage of or led into unfavorable circumstances if you’re not careful.  Of course, there is a right and a wrong way to go about it.

Here are a few signs you need to get tough:

You feel you’re being dismissed – A person isn’t paying attention to you, you have been told you’re being taken care of and see no results, a solution needs to be found ASAP

Your needs are really important – A client is depending on you, there are finances involved, a contract is being misused or ignored, your career/job depends on it

You’ve done all you can, and now you need support – If you’ve carried your weight and you’re depending on action from others, it’s time to get movin’

Here’s how to get tough, the right way:

Use a stern voice – No yelling. Ever. Your professional life is not the time to let loose and scream (unless its at your computer). You can use a hard tone and strong wording (no swearing)

Drop the C word, or the R word. – Contract. Responsibility. These are big flags with the PR world. Calling out a breach in contract is serious business

Make sure all parties are aware of what’s going on  – Supervisors, assistants, professors, deans… be sure they know you contacted the appropriate person to solve an issue and you are trying to resolve the problem. They can throw their weight around as well


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How to Survive New York Fashion Week

This weekend was a whirlwind. We’re nearly halfway through New York Fashion Week and both M and I worked at events over the weekend.  Here are a few tips on how to survive Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week without drowning after the week comes to an end.

Surviving NYFW

  • Pay attention to every work email. Not just those pertaining to fashion week.
  • Expect to put in extra hours at the office. It’s the only way you’ll get everything done on time.
  • Make sure you’re communicating with teammates. So they know where you are/what you’re doing. Send recap emails following every event, show, etc.
  • Stand your ground. Don’t be a pushover if you’re working a door or line. Otherwise you’ll be taken advantage of.
  • Dress your best. Given, but also so you feel confident.
  • Bring a charger with you everywhere. Just in case your phone dies.
  • Use Uber. Instead of waiting outside of Lincoln Center for a cab for 30 minutes.
  • Get a good amount of sleep. As much as you can. So many girls become way too exhausted.
  • Take in the moments. Don’t forget that you’re working your dream job. 
  • Make sure the client’s happy. After all, it’s why you’re there.

How do you survive NYFW?

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Fashion Friday: #NYFW

We have just left the starting gate of one of the busiest times of the year for New York PR girls – New York Fashion Week.  The September Fashion Week season is always one of my favorites (there are no blizzards to be wary of), and this year without the hectic craziness of Fashion’s Night Out, it seems to be running a little bit smoother. However, there are always some lessons learned and good tips to keep in mind when running around like a madwoman in late-season booties. Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere has a great little list here, but here are a few other things I’ve come across in my New York Fashion Week experience.

Goodnight Verona  | via Tumblr


  • Stacked heels are the godsend of Fashion Week errands.
  • Hairspray is needed. Always.
  • If you’re on a “clean eating,” “paleo,” “Dukan” whatever diet… it’s about to go out the window. You barely eat. And when you do, it’s coffee and a handful of Reeses’ Pieces.
  • Static Guard is a must have.
  • You think you don’t need lip color, but you’re wearing all black. Trust me darling, you do.
  • Water. Water. Water.
  • Don’t forget deodorant.
  • Keep nail polish remover wipes in your purse. Trust me.
  • If you see a rare vegetable, eat it.
  • Don’t try to name drop.
  • Always smile. You’d be surprised how far you can go with enthusiasm. And the aforementioned Reeses’ Pieces.

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