The Happiest of Holidays

Last night Adrianna and I met to catch up and share some holiday cheer. We both wanted to make our way to Rolf’s, a German restaurant in-between our offices that is known for it’s out-of-control Christmas decorations. While it was FAR too packed for us to get in. We were able to snap a few pictures of the decorations and get into the holiday spirit before we made our way to a much more spacious Italian restaurant for a delicious meal.

more images of Rolf’s here

This season I have been blessed to be able to catch up with close friends and see NYC in all it’s December glory. Checking off a few things on the Christmas bucket list always feels good. It makes me want to keep this lovin’ feeling going all year long…

Adrianna and I wish you the happiest of holidays! We’ll be back after Christmas Day, and have some exciting things planned for the blog in the new year.

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Holiday Office Etiquette

With only six days till Christmas and a nice long winter break (woohoo), the next two days are vital. Now that Christmas shopping is done, it’s easier to keep my mind on work and make sure everything is wrapped up at the office. There’s always back and forth about holiday office etiquette, especially around the holiday party, but keep the below in mind for the few days remaining until the holidays.

Holiday Office Etiquette

  • Don’t expect your team members to get work done over the break.
  • Be mindful of others travels.
  • Give a small gift or note to teammates/ co-workers. Also consider baking.
  • Don’t ask about holiday bonuses. It’s personal and not every company gives them.
  • A given, but don’t drink too much at your holiday party. Or you’ll be the talk of the office.
  • Get all your work done before you leave for break. Don’t leave your teammates hanging.
  • Make sure your clients are aware of your offices vacation schedule.

What are some others you practice?

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10 Pitching Tidbits Every PR Pro Should Know

With the holidays drawing closer, everyone is in frantic pitch mode.  Here are some 10 pitching tidbits every PR pro should know.

10 Pitching Tidbits

  1. Never address someone as “Dear Ms.”
  2. Don’t make an important announcement on a Friday
  3. Avoid pitching local papers on Friday (most of them have off)
  4. Note that entertainment weeklies close on Monday/Tuesday
  5. Use read receipts on important emails
  6. Outline the entire segment idea in your pitch to broadcast
  7. Don’t pitch morning broadcast stations late afternoon
  8. Pick up the phone when you can, always ask if now is a good time
  9. Don’t leave messages
  10. Give media at least two weeks’ notice for events


What are some others?

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PR Girl PRowess: The Power of YOU

Public relations is a team-based activity. You get amazing things done with the help of your colleagues and partners. However, there is something to be said about being an independent worker bee as well. You may pitch into the group and work for the greater good, but you work on your own time and by your own rules. This is usually how I am most productive, most efficient, and most happy.

Here are a few positives to being an independent, and how you can break through the mold:

You depend on YOU – While I turn to my friends and colleagues frequently when I need help (Adrianna hears about every problem I have from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep), when it comes down to it, you are the person there at the end of the day solving the problem. Be your own superhero and best friend – give yourself (and your gut) some credit

You help YOU grow – While maturing and gaining experience is a process that requires time, there is nothing more satisfying than looking back and seeing how far you’ve come. Even the mistakes you’ve made along the way help you to realize your dreams, maybe in a more satisfying way than you ever thought possible. The pride that comes from personal growth is fantastic, and well worth the hard work

You can boss around YOU – To take some more personal initiative, let your team in on your managing style. Show off to your bosses or supervisor (or professor) how you organize your day, delegate projects, or contribute to the group. A little organization leads to a lot of autonomy. You would be surprised how fast your superiors and teammates come to trust you on your own if you show how much you can accomplish

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