Fashion Friday: Brave the Polar Vortex

Everyone keeps talkin’ about a Polar Vortex here in New York. Being from upstate, I just call it winter. We haven’t had a chill like this in some time, so I see everyone’s point. There is a big bum rush to be sure you have cozy socks, a fun hat and the absolute commute necessity – a chunky scarf. We turned to the fashion experts at Moda Dossier to give us the scoop on winter weather must-haves.

Let’s face it, when old man winter shakes that head of his, you know we’re in for something less than amazing. One of the worst things to deal with on a cold day, is not being well equip with all those winter accessories that ensure our warmth. After all, who wants to deal with frost bite, freezing their tail-feather off or numb fingers? No one, which is why we thought we’d venture out to find you some of the best, most pocket friendly and hautest winter accessory picks.

Bundle Up - Moda Dossier Hats Picks New

+Dope Knitted Beanie$38Brian Lichtenberg Black Feline Beanie$48Kate Spade Stud Bow Knit Hat,$78Lauren Ralph Lauren Greek Fisherman Pyramid Hat, $42;  Marc by Marc Jacobs Cable-knit wool-blend beanie$78Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Serenity beanie hat, $101MICAEL Michael Kors ‘Tech’ Knit Hat$37 Tucker + Tate Cotton & Cashmere Beanie$16

Bundle Up - Moda Dossier Scarf Picks

Kate Spade New York Map Scarf, $128Steve Madden N-Solar$24;  Charter Club Cashmere Scarf$95;MICHAEL Michael Kors Double Printed Rochelle Knit African Animal Small Infinity$60Topshop ‘Cobweb’ Infinity Scarf, $32Chan Luu Cashmere and silk-blend scarf$195;  Nordstrom Zebra Print Scarf$28; Chelsey Houndstooth Colorblock Infinity Scarf, $58

Bundle Up - Moda Dossier Gloves Picks

Kate Spade Pyramid Bow Leather Gloves$128 Plush Fleece-Lined Scandinavian Print Texting Mitten$48Carolina Amato Fingerless Knit & Leather Gloves$95Tory Burch Cable and Leather Gloves,$150Marc Jacobs Cashmere Ribbed Mitten, $55; Betsey Johnson Pretty Kitty Fingerless Glove, $29.98


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From the Inbox: Should I go to Grad School?

Hi nyc PR girls,

I recently found your blog and I am OBSESSED! It’s like a gift sent from the PR gods.

But anyways, I am currently a college senior and I am looking to get into the PR profession. I currently intern at an awesome PR Lifestyle Boutique, but the question everyone at work asks me is, “are you going to continue growing your education?” I don’t know if I should bother with graduate school OR just keep interning until I find a stable job. I will be graduating this spring with my B.A in Communication Studies and a minor in Journalism.

What should I do? Is it worth going to graduate school for this profession?

Thank you!
Soon to be Grad

Gradute School

This is a common question that we haven’t addressed recently. In all honesty, not many people have completed graduate school in the PR profession. It’s not looked down upon, but it’s not something you need to succeed in our industry. It would be worth going if you could financially afford to go to school and not jump straight into a job, but if it’s going to be a large financial burden, I wouldn’t suggest it.

When I graduated college, I always assumed I would get my masters. I applied and visited several schools. It wasn’t until I started an internship after graduation and was offered a job that I decided going to grad school wasn’t as important as furthering my job experience.

It’s no secret that it’s hard to land a job straight after college, so if continue your current internship after you graduate and it turns into a job offer, take the job offer. Tell your current colleagues that you would be willing to work full-time at their boutique firm as opposed to continuing school. Graduate school can always be completed further down the line. You will do just fine in your PR career without your masters. PR is one of those jobs that simply requires lots and lots of real world experience.

Hope this helps.

Xo A


Fashion Friday: Peter Pilotto for Target

Today’s Fashion Friday post comes from our sponsor, Moda Dossier. We’re so excited for this collection we cannot handle it. The pieces are a great way to add high fashion to any work or interview outfit, without breaking the bank.

Peter Pilotto-for-Target-Favorite-Looks-1-1

On February 9th 2014, during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week frenzy and a mere 5 days before Valentine’s Day, Target will be launching their Peter Pilotto For Target capsule collection. Much like the 3.1 Phillip Lim Collection, it’s been well worth the wait and looks damn good. One couldn’t imagine that kicking off that Spring wardrobe would be such a spectacle of pure graphic illusion with a feminine touch.

“The starting point was swimwear, and we were very happy that we could do it first with Target. We found it exciting to build the looks around that category. That was the idea that there are all these pieces in swimwear like rash guards and tops that you build an outfit around,” Christopher De Vos , one-half of the dynamic designing duo behind Peter Pilotto, dished.

The refined, flirty, geek-chic feel behind the collection makes it the perfect go-to option for Spring soirees and  Coachella parlaying alike. We can’t seem to get enough of the whimsical skirts or structured go-to office blazers. Luckily, most of the wardrobe separates and accessories for the collection fall under an $80 price point and for international fans, the collection will be available on Net-A-Porter this go round so no need to worry about spending an obscene amount of money for it on Ebay.

For the full collection, check it on on Refinery 29

photos c/o: Target via Refinery 29

Article by KAMILLE C. at Moda Dossier

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How to Take Advantage of Elevator Chat

We do it every single day – ride the elevator to and from the office in the morning, afternoon and for lunch. I’ve found that the elevator is actually a great place to get updates from co-workers and even make greater connections with your colleagues. We get so wrapped up in our day to day work that we don’t often get a chance to mix and mingle with co-workers in other divisions. Instead of ignoring co-workers and putting in your headphones, here are a few topics of conversation you can cover within a 1-2 minute ride, of course depending on what floor you work on.

Woman Elevator

  • What clients are you currently working on? Find out what they have in the works. It may spark an idea.
  • Any recent new business? There are some new client wins you might not be aware of.
  • How’s your division doing in terms of staffing? Take this opportunity to potentially refer people if they’re looking.
  • Have you heard about XYZ? Tell them some of your recent client wins and updates.
  • How was your weekend? Use this opportunity to get a little personal.
  • Are you looking for help on XYZ account? I’ve always been interested… Take a moment if you’re in the elevator with your boss to express interest in something you’ve been thinking about.
  • Are you going to the all employee meeting? Find out and let them know you’d love to chat more.

What are some other elevator topics of conversation?

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