Why Is PR So Stressful?

If you follow us on Twitter, this Tuesday we tweeted that it was no surprise PR Executive was ranked number 7 on CareerCast’s most stressful jobs on the planet list. What is surprising is that it’s alongside jobs such as firefighters and police officers – people who actually put their lives at risk. So what makes PR so stressful? Based on my experience, it’s because of the below.

Why is PR Stressful

PR professionals have little to no control. We can’t control media, we can’t control a consumers mindset and we can’t control brand mishaps. All we can do is try our best to maintain a positive image and shove our key messages down everyone’s throat. Not easy, and most definitely stressful.

Client maintenance. Everyone has had clients that drive them crazy. Unnecessary fire drills, constant complaints and being ultimately unhappy with results we can’t control. Just thinking about it stresses me out.

It’s 24/7. If your celebrity client gets arrested at 2 a.m. or your brands CEO tweets something inappropriate over the weekend, you have to jump into damage control mode. No matter what day or time it is, the media doesn’t stop.

Constant change and topping others. The PR industry is ever changing – the rise of social media, tablets, etc. There are new ways to reach consumers every day and brands on consistently trying to come up with that GRAND idea that will triumph over everyone else.

Media relationships. You have to keep them on good terms at all times. One falling out with a reporter at a publication could haunt you your entire career. Once trust with a reporter is broken, it’s difficult to get it back. And reflect poor on your entire agency.

High-strung colleagues. Due to the amount of stress we’re under, the people we’re surrounded by only add fuel to the fire. You don’t have one boss – you have 4 or 5. And you have maintain good rapport with all of them, including every teammate.

But even with all of the stress…we still love our jobs.

What makes PR stressful for you?

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Work it Out

One of my new year resolutions is to start eating healthy and getting back in shape. I know, I know, so is everyone else’s, but seriously. For the past several months, my eating habits were getting out of control and I haven’t been working out. I’ve been ordering pasta on every menu, eating chocolate from around the office every day, running maybe once on the weekend, didn’t have a gym membership and overall I wasn’t feeling like myself. Stress from work, late hours, little motivation and the cold weather definitely didn’t help, but none of them are good excuses.


M and I have been following the Tone it Up ladies for a while now and to kick into gear, we’re both participating in the Love Your Body series. My goal isn’t to lose weight as it usually is this time of year. It’s to get toned and feel healthier. I’m fully dedicated to do everything and eat everything they advise. Made it my extra client duty, especially since I’m not a fitness guru.

This morning was my first morning workout ever (booty call for the TIU ladies). I always DREADED morning workouts and didn’t think it was possible. I put in my head that I would be too tired, wouldn’t have my hair done properly, would do it after work instead, etc.

The truth is, the mornings are the best time to workout. Not only does it boost your metabolism, but in our industry, evenings tend to come with too much pressure. You never know how late you’ll have to stay in the office and if you’ll even have enough energy to get to the gym. Signing up for a workout class after work is difficult because you don’t know if you’ll have to cancel. And who wants to go to the gym at 10pm after an event? Totally unrealistic. When you get your workout done in the morning, you don’t have to worry about it making it to the gym later on. Makes total sense and isn’t rocket science, but I’m definitely realizing it now.

So here’s to making health more of a priority and stressing less at work.

What are your new year resolutions? Do you workout in the morning or evening?

We want to hear it.

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PR Girl PRowess: Dealing with Chilly Co-Workers

Why hello, Polar Vortex. Nice for you to drop by. What better way to start the new year than some weather that just makes you want to curl up next to a space heater and watch Orange is the New Black peaking out from 10 layers of blankets.

This weather, among other things about the new year, may put your colleagues or peers in an interesting mood. Everyone is officially freezing, others may be starving from their juice cleanses, still others may be sleep deprived from holiday hangovers.

Another side effect of the Polar Votex… some put-off co-workers

While you may be inclined to become defensive (“it’s not MY problem she had decided to live off beets and kale for the next three days…”), this is a great exercise in your problem solving skills and management. Here are a few ways to handle your friends who are hot headed in cold weather:

Hold your tongue – You may be ready with some sarcastic quip to battle their snarkiness, but keep it to yourself. Sarcasm isn’t taken as light-hearted or funny when someone is really in a terrible mood. Answer clearly and calmly, and then keep to yourself for the next hour or so until they chill out

Be understanding and offer a smile – A grumpy co-worker can’t stay grumpy for too long (unless there are other issues you need to discuss with your manager). Volunteer to run for coffee, send around a fun link  or offer help on a dreaded assignment that they seem to be struggling to finish. Chances are they will return the favor when you’re having a less than sunny day

If you need help, ask, but be empathetic – Hey, we’ve all been here. Don’t take it personally. Put yourself in their shoes. If you need to let the person vent about how her head is killing her or she’s got a pile of work she can’t see over before you dive into your question or conversation, let them go. You can’t fix everything for her, but you can be a listener when she needs one

Be sure to bundle up tonight, ladies and gents! Xo

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How to be a Stellar Winter Intern

While many of us our back to the grind in the office, college students are still enjoying their winter break (those were the days). The three weeks students have during winter break can be a great time to squeeze in an internship for school credit or just for a resume builder. Since many agencies have few interns over the winter break, take advantage of this time as a winter intern to show your capabilities and really stand out. Here are a few ways on how.

How to be a Stellar Winter Intern

  • Research the clients ahead of time. Have some knowledge about each of the clients in your division ahead of time. Showcase that you’ve done your research by mentioning, “oh I just saw that you launched XYZ product.” A great, simple way to stand out that will help you during your internship.
  • Arrive early and stay late. Show you’re really dedicated to get as much experience as possible in the office. Especially since you don’t have to rush out of the door to get to class.
  • Ask all questions. And don’t be afraid. With only a few weeks to shine, you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can correctly.
  • Consistently ask for help. Since you’re new and only there for a limited amount of time, it’s easy for co-workers to overlook providing you with tasks. Coming back from the holiday break, everyone is super stressed and catching up, so make sure you’re consistently asking how you can help.
  • Voice your opinion. Have a way to get things done quicker? Or a great creative idea? Share it with your peers. This will help you gain credibility quickly in the limited amount of time you have.
  • Make it known you are willing to come back. If you’re enjoying your time as an intern, let your co-workers know that you’d be willing to come back in the spring, summer or fall. Whatever works with your schedule.

What are some other ways to be a stellar wintern?

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