Last Night’s Intern Queen Party

Last night, M and I attended the 4th Annual Intern Queen Party at 404 in the city. The venue was packed with recent graduates and hopeful interns networking with one another and the impressive group of panelists. The panel included executives from Macy’s, Sirius XM, Us Weekly, Ann Taylor, Chanel, NBC Universal, the Rachel Ray Show and more. We were asked a series of questions while on and off the panel. Here are three of my favorites.

Intern Queen Party 1

What looks better on a resume – several different internships or sticking with one internship for a long time?

This honestly depends on the situation. Neither looks better than the other. If you find an internship you love, and stay for two semesters, that’s great. Stick with it. If you hop around and try different internships, for example, one in beauty and one in fashion, that’s perfectly acceptable as well. Interning for several different companies allows you to experience different facets of the industry and will help you determine what you’re most interested in.

How do I get a PR internship if I don’t have any experience?

One of the panelists said it best – everyone has experience doing something. It’s all about how you spin it on your resume. If you work at a restaurant you can say you waited tables, or you can say you serviced customers in a high-stress environment. Everything can be presented a way that fits into the career you’re trying to pursue.

Intern Queen Party 3

Should I stay with my current internship in advertising or try my luck finding at finding a PR internship since I’m curious about the industry?

Definitely give a PR internship shot. Again, now is the time to get all of the experiences you’re interested in. It will make you more well-rounded once you graduate and will help you determine what career path you would like to pursue.

A big thank you to the Intern Queen, Lauren, and everyone that came to support us. And a big thank you to Ann Taylor for outfitting the panelists – including myself :)


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What to Wear When… You’re on Your First Interview at a Creative Agency

Interview styling can be tricky, especially if this is your first season of interviewing for internships or your first job. Even if you’re a seasoned professional, what to wear on an interview totally changes depending on the profession, the office, and the weather. You could be interviewing for a conservative office one day and a laid-back small shop the next.

Here are a few outfit options that will hopefully serve as guidelines when you’re planning your next interview ensemble at a creative agency. I’ve also included a few things to remember when planning your outfit and accessories – there are some little things that your interviewers will definitely notice, and you want to be sure you’ve got on lock.

Creative office interview At a Creative Agency…

You’ll notice above I’ve stuck to a black/white color scheme for the most part, with pops of color. Personally, I think black and white make the cleanest, simplest statement without having to go overboard (not to mention, they flatter everyone no matter your complexion). Stock up on classic shapes in these classic colors, and it’s hard to go wrong.

For creative interviews, I like colorful flippy dresses (just watch the length) with sharp black flats (heels would be too “going out”) or a skirt/shirt combo with classic pumps. If you prefer pants, a black jean or crisp ankle pants with a jacket (this one is more versatile), beautiful blouse and pumps (cheaper) are acceptable. The key with dressing for a more creative agency is working with fun accessories to showcase your personality. A chunky necklace, or wrist candy (also love this one and this one) can be a good way to show off who you are – so long as it isn’t distracting. I like a more classic bag no matter the interview as well.

Always Remember…

  • Make sure your clothes are either dry cleaned or newly washed before wearing. ALWAYS use an iron to get out wrinkles.
  • Never wear stained or torn clothing
  • Check your shoes to be sure your heel tips are OK and not ratty (no nail clicking noises)
  • Never wear open toe or platform shoes to an interview
  • Check your manicure. It’s totally OK to go bare-nailed. ANYTHING other than chips
  • Remember your hair – should be brushed and out of the way. If you can leave it down and not fiddle with it, go for it

Keep a look out for the next post… what to wear to your first corporate interview


6 Things PR Girls Stress the Most

It’s no secret that PR is a stressful career. We outlined why PR is so stressful, but here a few things that stress PR girls (and boys) the most.

PR Girls Stress

  • Whether or not your client is happy. It’s a daily struggle to constantly keep your clients happy. You want to make sure they’re satisfied with your performance, results and overall ability to help their brand. Clients can disappear and leave important emails unanswered which stresses out even the best of us. Are they unhappy with the agency? Are they firing us? What went wrong? More than likely, everything is fine and your client is just bogged down with emails.
  • New business meetings. Pitching new business is always nerve wracking. You go through several rounds, unsure of whether or not the potential client really likes you or not.
  • Unanswered pitches. There’s nothing more stressful than having to press on your client when no one is interested. When all of your pitches go unanswered and you have no results or feedback to share, it’s time to switch it up.
  • Pulling off a seamless event. Your client finally agrees to let you put on an event and you want it to be perfect. Whether it’s media or consumer facing (or both), pulling together an event is always stressful. Because every detail needs to be perfect and seem effortless.
  • Feeling uneasy about your performance. Every year, PR pros get their review. Even though we work on teams, PR can be cut throat when it comes to expectations of your performance. We’re constantly stressing whether or not we’re delivering enough and making our bosses happy.
  • FOMO.  Missing an email, being out of the office, and even putting the phone down while on vacation. PR pros constantly stress missing out.

What stresses you the most?

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Skill to Conquer: Stock Your Urban Kitchen

When you’re making the move into your first real apartment, getting your kitchen all set up can be one of the most intimidating tasks. Especially if you’re a new cook (I still consider myself a new cook and it’s been 5 years), you may not be sure what you need, what is worth the expense, or what you’ll want when you have friends (or the occasional date) over. Here are a few suggestions…

Urban Kitchen 1. A pots & pans set including at least one large pot, two sauce pans, and a frying panThis set from Cuisinart includes all you need in a starter kitchen. A big pot for pasta, two smaller pans for sauces and soup, and the all-purpose frying pan. I trust the Cuisinart brand, so it’s worth it to spend a little bit extra money and have four good quality pots rather than 8 crappy pots you’ll need to throw out after a year

2. Wooden spoons, a whisk, and a spatula – I hate plastic large spoons. I just do. Go classic with wooden spoons that will last you decades, and buy as many as you’d like. If you need something like a pasta spoon or fryer basket, get stainless steel if you can. Stash them in a cute vase or pitcher on your kitchen counter

3. A decent knife set – Doesn’t need to be something super fancy, just high quality enough that you can sharpen the knives if needed and not so dull that you’ll hurt yourself. I actually have this set from Ikea and I’m very happy with it

4. A tea kettle – Not only do I have at least one cup of tea a day, but I think it’s so welcoming when you come into someone’s apartment for a visit and they immediately offer you a a cup of tea. Keep a a nice tea kettle around that you like to look at in your kitchen

5. Popcorn – I never buy microwave popcorn, now that I know how easy it is to make my own at home in a big pasta pot. There is literally no comparison. Perfect for game night or Netflix dates (you can find a recipe here)

6. Cheese plate – Again, a great must-have for the urban kitchen if you need a cheese plate with some wine to chill out at the end of the day, or like to have little bites for guests to pick on while you make dinner (or wait for the Seamless to arrive). I like this one that is also a chalkboard

7. Fun dishes – I am OBSESSED with Fishs Eddy in the city. Not only do they have quirky dishware, but you can also mix and match basics for an amazing price. You can’t go wrong with white dishes (with a little flare) for every day, but fun salt & pepper shakers make a great tableside conversation piece

8. Crockpot  – In the winter, it’s a life saver. For very little money, you have a machine that will cook dinner for you and keep it warm and tasty until you get home

9. A plant – You need some life in your kitchen. If you can grow some herbs, awesome. If not, pick a plant that doesn’t need to much sun or water. Even if it’s a cactus, you’ll love having some green when you’re making a salad or gabbing with girls over drinks

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