PR Twitter Tips: July 2014

Happy August 1! Thinking about the fact that it’s already August makes me very sad. This summer flew by way too fast. Here are some of our favorite #PR101 Twitter Tips from the month of July. Let’s make the most of our last month of summer and tweet us using the hashtag.


: Always ASK questions. Your employers can’t read minds nor are they expected to. A clarified job is a good job.

: Ditch the cookie cutter cover letters.

: Even if you are starting out as an intern, it’s important to act as a professional at all times.

: “Good PR is just a method of operations, just as good personnel work is a method of operations.” – A.W. Page

: To succeed, you must surround yourself with success.

: Play it cool around celebrities. Even though it’s not always easy.

: NEVER ever start a pitch with “Dear editor.” Do your research!

: PLEASE NOTE: A Media Kit and a Press Kit are two completely different things.

: “Advertising is what you pay for, publicity is what you pray for.”

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