Update: Staycation

After a lovely Christmas at home, I’m back in New York and trying to get a jump start on my New Years resolutions. So far, a lot of it has to do with healthy eating and getting the apartment organized, which I started with unloading 3 bags of trash and 2 trash bags of donations yesterday. Not having to consistently check email or the phone has been amazing, and a much needed break for my brain.

I know many of you are on break from school or also taking a much needed vacation. BUT if you’re spending a few days at your desk this week, be sure to tell us what you’re up to with the hashtag #desksidedistraction. Want to know how you’re staying sane before the new year!

Happy Holidays!

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Christmastime Is Here

Breakfast at Yurman's

The stretch from Thanksgiving to Christmas is my favorite time of year. I consider it one gigantic holiday instead of two days of celebration. Every day I try to take some time to reflect on what I am most grateful for and how I can give back to those I love. I also like to take some time to think how I can work even harder towards my passions and goals in this upcoming new year. While the lead up to the holidays can be hectic, the time with family is a great chance to reflect and think about what you really want to be doing… maybe because you’re much more in tune with your most loving and authentic self.

So this holiday, while you’re frosting cookies or wrapping presents or enjoying a silly Christmas movie, try to think about how you can really treat yourself after the holidays. What is it you get most excited about, and can keep this holiday feeling year round?

Happy Holidays to everyone!


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Making a Change Within PR

When I began with my first internship about 8 years ago, I was just giving PR a shot. I wasn’t really sure I knew what it was or if I would like it. It was my first time in the workforce other than my high school/college jobs at a coffee shop and a restaurant, so I was open to anything and everything. I started knowing that I needed to give public relations a try, but also that I would start my second semester in London when I would have an internship in advertising, so I was all about weighing my options right from the start.

Lucky for me, it turned out I loved PR. I loved working with editors and helping them write stories. I loved working with clients and showing off my creativity in the smallest of pitches and the largest of campaigns. What I wasn’t sure I loved was the causes I was working for.

Many interns may be feeling the same way. They start an internship saying “this is just my stepping stone to what I really want,” and I think that is OK. As long as you’re remaining open, you can work hard for something you know isn’t quite exactly what you want in the long run.

So how do you finally make that switch to the PR you really want to do?

Get as much experience as you can – You first have to make sure you are taking as many opportunities in your current job as you can. During my internships and entry level jobs, I used to volunteer every. single. time. another team needed help. Whether it was putting together gift bags or staffing an event for a client that wasn’t mine. You want to be able to say you’ve had some part in almost every facet of PR with every type of media and client

Put a toe in the water first  – Adrianna and I hear from wanna-be fashion publicists all the time. We think it’s fabulous that so many women want to join our career path, but to be honest, we had both written off entertainment and fashion PR a long time ago. While working with consumer brands we had the pleasure of working with some amazing fashion designers and celebrities. We got a peek into the world of their publicists, and decided it was not for us. Instead, I chose to go after the-still-glamorous-but-arguably-calmer beauty category, and Adrianna works in the still-exciting-and-fun hospitality realm. It’s always best to test out the water before jumping in, especially in your career

Make contacts – Keep friendships with those you work with and vendors and clients you are connected to. I still speak with women from my first internship on occasion, who now work for big beauty brands. If I ever decided to make a move, I know I have a great network who will support me. No need to stalk, just keep in contact as best you can and always be friendly

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Five Times Interns Should Speak Up

A common questions amongst interns happens to be when it’s appropriate to speak up. Many interns get super quiet and tend to be shy when involved in meetings, brainstorms and events. Here are five definite times your colleagues want to hear from you.

When Interns Should Speak Up


  • During the job interview. Voice what your true interests are and what you would like to learn throughout the internship.
  • Within team meetings. Bring up some of your past experiences or insights that could better the team.
  • During office brainstorms. Your thoughts in brainstorms are gold considering your demographic is much younger than a majority of the office.
  • At work events. Staffed to attend an event? Don’t be shy if you’re stationed at check-in or mingling around the party.
  • At office get togethers. If you’re invited to “happy hour” after work with a coworker, go. And show your personality.

When else should interns speak up?

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