Happy Belated New Year!

Hi all! Thank you for the warm welcomes, I am so excited to be able to bring back NYC PR Girls as this was such a great resource for me during my past few years at a small school in Rhode Island.

Also, thank you for hanging in there while I finally got settled in New York and waiting a little bit for my first post!

With a lot of new changes this year like starting a new job and weirdly no longer interning, finally being settled and living in my New York apartment, and graduating early from school, I have been thinking about the different ways to start the new year as strong as I can to set myself up for the best year yet.

While I did not make resolutions this year, I think I made a great goal which is simply to make every day count.

This goal allows me to work on my relationships with those close to me, while helping me to work towards producing the best work I can, staying in contact with those I have made connections with over the year, and simply working on keeping myself at my best!

This year I am going to:

Embrace change- when working in the world of PR there is so much change so take it in strides and embrace all that is happening. Really learn to go with the flow because if I’ve learned anything from to-do lists while interning it is that the list you think you need to complete each day just might not happen. PR is such a fast-paced industry that right now I am just working to keep up and be present in every moment.

Prioritize- one of my main priorities this year is my job. After interning for three years at countless companies, I am at the place I wanted to be and as excited as I am, I want to show up to work and work hard to ask the right questions and understand each task. That will come with time but for right now, I need to prioritize to do lists and my job first and foremost in my life then I can start brining all the other aspects back in. My friends and family all understand this – support systems are key!

Reflect- at least for the first month! I am so excited to reflect on the last year and see what I can do to do better. One tool that I received as a graduation gift from my aunt is a book called: Where will you be five years from today?. This book is my absolute favorite right now because I get to write out my plans, thoughts, and ideas.

Lastly, this year I will be happy. It is not a simple task but I am excited to be in the place I am at right now so I am going to work hard to be happy.

I am so excited to share this chapter of my life with you all!

But what about this great community, what are you all trying to accomplish this year?!




Exciting News for 2016

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Faithful readers of nyc PR girls –

We are so proud of this blog and the impact it has made on PR girls (and guys) everywhere these past 5 years. However, as we’ve advanced in our careers and taken on more exciting responsibilities, we can no longer serve the blog as we wish we could.

Enter Lindsey.

Lindsey has spent the past several years with her nose to the grindstone, holding more, incredibly impressive public relations internships than either of us has ever seen, and just made her leap from college into her first New York City apartment. In every way, she embodies what nyc PR girls stands for.

We are so pleased to pass nycPRgirls.com to Lindsey to care for. A and I will always be a part of this amazing community, but we’re so happy to give the blog a voice again.

Keep reading and tweeting.
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