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Hi all! Hope everyone’s week is going well – mine is off to a great start and can’t wait for the next few days.

Tomorrow is a fun work day and then Wednesday is actually my first PR girl happy hour. This happy hour started as a few close friends but has now grown into about 12 girls all within the field so to say I am excited is an understatement.

This is one of the many way connections are made and a network is built! In this industry, and many others, a network and the connections you have are so important. My network is how I got many of my internships as well as tons of references.

Building a network is also really fun. Starting out, I loved calling firms and finding someone who would take the time to talk to me. PRSSA also helped me find a ton of people as my school did firm tours of quite a few different cities.

The best part about all my connections are that they not only helped as I was working on getting to this place but they are also with me getting drinks or dinner now that I am working. I have made my network really close to me and relationships that I absolutely love.

So now not only are my friends part of my network but we are all working together to keep building out all of our networks!

Anyone have any connection tips that they would like to share? How do you keep in touch? x


From The Inbox: Post Grad Internships?

Hi Lindsey ,

I’m in a pickle and need some PR advice. I recently graduated in May and have yet to find a career in PR. I held two internships during my time at school, one which was in marketing and one which was in PR. Now that I have graduated and have no job in PR, I am currently working at a gym. My question to you is do you think that I should apply to internships to get

more experience since I’m not hearing back from jobs? One of my teachers told me that graduates should never apply to internships, but I am trying to do whatever will help me get a career.

I know it seems like the process is taking forever and it’s really discouraging not hearing back but really don’t give up. A little different but when I was applying for an internship, I literally applied to 115 one summer and heard back from 10 so know that a ton of people are in your boat.

However, I’m really impressed that you took a job you could get in the mean time to keep life moving! With that being said, are there any skills that you could put on your resume that you are learning for that job and if not, are there ways to ask your manager about taking on new responsibilities that would help build up your resume?

You also are doing totally fine with two internships. Have you kept in touch with the connections you made there and are they local? If they are, you can always politely reach back out to catch up and grab coffee!

I want to agree with your teacher on graduates should never apply to internships but the way the world works makes that not always the case. I can list a ton of companies that have post-grad interns. If you find a company and you want to get your foot in the door, see if they take post-grad interns and get the ball rolling.

Otherwise, I would take the step of reaching out to companies you are interested by finding someone who works there on LinkedIn or just cold calling. Making connections will always help because if they can’t help you, they might know someone who can!

Best of luck! x


Must Reads

Every day on the subway I am possibly the one person without headphones in. Crazy? Probably. But I do absolutely love the (mostly) quiet time I get to just be with no service and a good book. Each day on the 4 or 5 train I take out my iPad and read! It is my favorite thing to do at the beginning and end of each work day as it is not only an escape but it is also a great way to get ready for the day and wind down. With that being said, here is my list of MUST reads:

Year of Yes – Shonda Rhimes: Enough said. Anyone who loves TGIT almost as much as TGIF would love this book. Anyone who wants to reinvent themselves would love this book. And anyone who wants to be inspired from a #GIRLBOSS should read this book.

The Woman I Wanted To Be – Diane Von Furstenberg: This is a good every girl should read growing up. This book taught me a lot about myself while teaching me a lot about the values that I would want as a person.

The Defining Decade – Meg Jay: Also good for those growing up as this is all about taking the 20’s and making it matter. This to me was important as I was moving into an apartment right after graduation so reading how to make the most of the beginning of my career and being “an adult” really helped make the transition easier for me.

The Power Playbook – La La Anthony: I would recommend this book for those who are interested in building an empire or entertainment. Since I like the thought of both, it was perfect for me. I loved seeing the inside of how a celebrity built themselves up and it showed me that there is always another challenge to take on and there is always room to be grateful.

The Mailroom – David Rensin: Another one focused towards entertainment but good for EVERYONE who wants to learn the hardships of PR. Although this is very entertainment focused, it shows how not so glamorous each job that you didn’t even think was in your job description can be. It can help show people what could happen, although I promise that I have not dealt with as much as those who built Hollywood have!

And for my next book: Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges – Amy Cuddy. I so strongly believe in continuing to grow and I LOVE the idea of bringing my boldest self to all my biggest challenges.

Now you know my favorites, what are some of yours? x

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First Day Tips

As you may know, I recently had my first official day being a full time employee. That day was also my best day and also most nerve-wracking day. I have had plenty of first days of interning, which I thought would prepare me for this and in a few ways it did and in others it didn’t. Here are the few tips that I followed for the first day and weeks to come being new at a job:

Dress to impress. That doesn’t always mean stiletto heels but rather wearing something that shows your personality while being what you would find appropriate if you saw someone else wearing. I went with this structured sweater as I knew it would be appropriate with a pair of nice black jeans, a nice black blouse, and tiny black heels. I am a person who would also always recommend all black whenever possible, plus the sweater showed my own personal style.

Be a sponge. One month in and I am still absolutely learning everything. The PR world is not easy to learn but I am lucky to be around a great group of people who are happy to help me, as well as a great boss who will always answer questions. When we have team meetings, I always sit and listen while writing down whatever notes I think will be helpful to me later on.

Do not bring desk items. The first day or week is not a time to bring desk supplies to make it look cute or personalize, in my opinion. I think the focus should always be learning new things and meeting new all the new co-workers. I am still waiting to bring desk decor in but so far I have a little clipboard to keep all my papers on. Being new, I am still waiting to see what everyone else has. When you feel right then start bringing things in to make your desk your own!

Be okay with messing up. Learning how to properly memo and schedule and email and send press breaks and pitch is not going to happen overnight, no matter how much you intern. With over ten internships under my belt, I thought that I absolutely would have a bit of a clue as to what I was doing but I learned that it is a process. I have been told many times it will take about six months to start to feel comfortable so, in the meanwhile, I will be okay with red pen on my schedules because I now get to use that to learn for the future ones.

What are you first day tips?



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