The PR World

The PR world can be a little more than brutal and I’ve learned that lesson the past few weeks.

You have to be on you A game almost 24/7 and it will be long hours and stressful work, which is I’m assuming why it has such a high turnover rate. Not only that but it is not an industry for everyone. However, I was asked last week by a friend of mine when I was in the office at 9:45PM on a Thursday, is it rewarding and didn’t you know it would be like this after interning?

Although being in the office until 10 some-to-most nights is not a dream world, it is so rewarding. I cannot explain the relationship I have with my clients, let alone their teams, the producers of shows, the editors of multiple outlets, and the reporters I work with consistently. It is so amazing to see your client’s movie do amazing and to have them be happy with the campaign we did for them. It is fun to work on all the different projects that a client has because they want to break out of their usual roles, or have a passion for something else other than acting. I will never not love seeing them on the cover of a magazine or on a late night show and I will absolutely never hate the phone calls or emails I get saying thank you.

However, the did I know it would be like this after interning part is a little up for discussion. I did know because I talked to so many people when I was working on building my career and I did see how hard my bosses worked when I was interning but that still does not prepare you for what to do when a movie gets horrible reviews, when glam falls through, or any other possible situation that could happen. There are few things to help prepare you to be into the world of PR but in my opinion, I cannot explain how amazingly rewarding it is to work at the company I am at, with the clients I have, and with the teams I work with.

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From the Inbox: Daily Routine?


Hi Lindsey,

How do you tend to start your day at the office? Is there a routine that you have as I’ve been told so many times that there are no two days the same in PR?

Great question! I actually do have a routine for the first hour or so of my day each day that I try to stick to as best I can.

When I get to the office, I turn on my computer then go grab water because I am a crazy person and like to constantly have water at my desk. When I return, my computer is always ready to go.

Once I sit down, I file all emails that I got over night. That ranges in numbers from 60-300 depending on what is going on with clients. As a quick note, I flag what is important to do the next day and will try my best to not handle things late at night. Once my inbox only has flags, I start my servicing by going through clippings that we were sent and I will do a full google search of every client and every project clients are involved in with a 24 hour time window.

Once my servicing is done, I start getting to the first emails of the day and then prioritize constantly. When you get into the office, you could think that one thing is the most important schedule or memo to get out but something else could always come in.

With that being said, I try to use my inbox as my to do list and keep ideally under 20 emails a day. I also then keep a small notebook next to me with all the things my boss has to approve, things I have to do, and things coming up so my next step to my day can make sure that I have nothing outstanding from the day before.

I know everyone is typically told that there are no two days alike in PR but I would try to have a great one hour or so routine so that you can start going through the motions and take the day from there! x

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Spring Cleaning


Hi all!

With spring officially sprung in New York City this week, I have finished major spring cleaning and adjusting to the best parts of spring.

Closet: My closet was the first thing to switch over. Out with the sweaters and in with the maxi dresses, sun dresses, and floral (for spring, groundbreaking) shirts and just fun colors. For anyone who knows me, winter I am in black and white almost exclusively. No rhyme or reason, I just am someone who loves a good white sweater or pants and loves black. With my closet sorted, I feel like my apartment is now getting cheery after a cold and darker winter.

Workspace: I have now completely reorganized my work space because when you are slammed at work, in my opinion, your desk is the first thing to suffer. I had boxes, magazines, thank you notes, and invitations all over. It took a good hour to get everything in place and to clean the desk but it was a great decision made.

Email: I go through my personal emails first, partly because I check my work email way too consistently to let that clutter up (but a separate post will come about how I use my email to make it organized). I want to make sure by going through all my email accounts that I am not missing something that friends or family have sent me over the weeks but also to delete whatever emails I get that I just let compile.

Energy: With it being so beautiful outside, I have actually taken to running which is absolutely mind boggling to my friends as I have never been a runner. However, living so close to central park has allowed me to enjoy running outside while boosting up my energy so much. I also have signed up for a 5K for next weekend because I’ve become so addicted to the energy level I have after a good run.

Daylight: I am loving the fact that it can still be light out by the time I leave work that I am starting to walk so much more from leaving work. I will get on the subway and get off at an earlier stop and stroll home. It helps me recognize the area better, burn some extra calories, and wind down from the day. I also have learned to love walking basically anywhere during the weekend because we have had such amazing weather the past few weekends.

Anything not on my spring list that gets you guys ready and excited for spring? x

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From the Inbox – PR Major?

I have gotten this question SO many times so I figured I would answer here instead of each individual (although I have answered many of you!)

Do I have to be a PR major?

NO! You do not have to be a PR major to go into PR. Now, it is much easier to adjust to the PR world when you graduate if it is a true passion. I know people who have been history, english, journalism, and media majors who ultimately found love for PR. If you are thinking of going into PR post grad, I would start by doing an internship or two in the industry as it will give you a feel if it is for sure something you would like to do.

Also, If you are nervous because you found a dream school but they don’t have PR as a major, take something similar like journalism or media or communications if they have that as a major. From there, tailor your internships and on campus activities to make it clear on your resume that you want to go into PR so when you get that interview it reads clearly.

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