10 Signs PR is the Right Job For You

Those looking to get into public relations may not be 100% sure that it is the right career for them.  Besides having a severe  love for coffee (I’ve never met a PR girl that doesn’t), below are  10 signs that  public relations  could in fact be the best  job for you.

  • Writing doesn’t bother you, in fact, it’s fun!
  • Breaking news? You’re the first of all  your friends to know.
  • You’re borderline obsessed with social media.
  • You  enjoy being busy and are multi-tasking,  all the time.
  • Communicating with people all day is enjoyable.
  • Work on the weekends? Totally fine.
  • Rejection happens, but you  don’t take no for an answer.
  • You work  well under pressure and stay organized.
  • Planning  and attending events has always been a dream.
  • Being on the  computer all day doesn’t bother you and your smartphone never leaves your side. Ever.

Whether you  have all, or some of these traits, these are just a few warning  signs that you may have been born a PR girl. Do you possess any of these qualities?

A Brush with Perfection

Like any girlie girl, I love playing with makeup.  But I also have my trusted products that I haven’t given up on in years.  Though A raved about Make Up For Ever here, I cannot live without my Bare Escentuals.

The worst is getting up at the crack of dawn for an event, only to have your makeup looking cakey or shiney by mid morning.  Bare Escentuals is the only product I’ve found that keeps you fresh looking all day long.  I’ve actually had beauty editors ask me what makeup I use at my events – and I’m always proud to tell them of my dedication.

My mother is the one who introduced me to the original swirl, tap and buff my sophomore year of high school, and I swear to you I’ve been a devoted user ever since.  bareMinerals has gotten quite the transformation over the years though, and has blasted out their line to include hundreds of eye shadows, blushes, mascaras (Buxom is another fav!) and even skincare.  I just recently purchased the bareMinerals “100% Pure Moxie” kit, the Retro Lounge Eye kit, and several lip glosses and eye shadows.  The best part about the kits is that they usually come with full sized professional brushes for use, so you can be sure you’re applying the product exactly how you should be.

Head over to sephora.com or bareescentuals.com to check out the stock.  And be sure to “like” Bare Escentuals on Facebook to get the insider scoop on exclusive sales and new products.

NYC Budget Survival

Maybe it is the New Year Resolutions talking, but we’ve heard a lot of chatter lately about making the move to New York and all the nervousness/excitement that goes along with that. One of the biggest questions we get is whether or not anyone can actually afford New York.

Honestly, we’re still trying to figure that out for ourselves!

The biggest thing about living in New York is also making a commitment to live within your means. This may mean giving up daily Starbucks for free office coffee and tea. Or, doing your grocery shopping on Fresh Direct or at Trader Joe’s instead of the convenience store or Whole Foods. With a little thought and planning, anyone can make NYC work for their budget.

We’ve included some basics here…

First things first, RENT – Make sure you can ACTUALLY afford the place you sleep in. Your rent should be about 1/3 of your yearly income, so think almost your entire second paycheck for the month will most likely go to rent on the first. DO NOT try to swing more than that

TRANSPORTATION – While jumping into a cab can seem easy and oh-so-New-York, I have come to hate cabs. I do not want to know how much money in my 9 years in the city I have spent on cabs, because I am almost certain it is tens of thousands of dollars. Be smart when you want to get somewhere. Give yourself enough time to take the bus or subway. Even if the weather is bad, sometimes subways are faster than non-four-wheel-drive or non-english-speaking cabs

EATING OUT – Save your Seamless money. While ordering in is, again, convenient, you will most likely spend at least  $15 on a meal when you could have easily thrown together something at home for under $5. Save up that Seamless cash for a fun, fancy meal with your friends or significant other

EATING IN – Hands down, cheapest place to grocery shop in this city is Trader Joe’s. But sometimes, the location is inconvenient or the produce is a little sketchy (I hate to admit it). For fresh food, the best places to go are farmers markets or Whole Foods. For all around one-stop shop, use Fresh Direct. The home-delivery service is cheap and convenient. Prices are much lower than what you’ll find at your local Gristedes or Food Emporium around the block

THE HOT SPOTS – Avoid falling into the trap of “I NEED TO BE THERE NOW” when it comes to restaurants/clubs/lounges in the city. Most likely, ESPECIALLY in PR, you will be invited to an event at that location within the next year or so, and you won’t need to pay to get in/drop hundreds of dollars at dinner. If it’s a super secret location that you know would be a super special experience, save up and splurge on it with someone else you know would enjoy

FITNESS – Another trap I fell into when I moved to New York was the high-priced gym. There is no need to spend upwards of $120 – $150 each month on fitness in the city. There are now multiple Planet Fitness and Blink locations that serve memberships at a fraction of the cost. I also love fitness classes, but I was recently introduced to Classtivity and I can tell you I will NEVER pay full price for a ultra-hip spin class again. During the summers, I always run in the park (so much nicer than a treadmill). Adrianna and I are currently enjoying Tone it Up Youtube vids in our living rooms. Equinox, you can eat it

BEAUTY – Every NYC girl and guy does need to pamper herself/himself. For necessary facials or spa treatments, I always use Lifebooker to get an appointment at half the price. For haircuts, it’s best to follow a recommendation from a friend for a stylist they trust. If you can’t find anyone, that’s okay! I still use my stylist from home in Upstate New York to save on the cost of cut and color

What to Tell Your Parents About PR

May graduation is only a few weeks away and college seniors are getting the inevitable question, “so what’s your plan for a job?” Many college seniors are feeling the pressure to come up with a good answer, and for those pursuing a career in public relations, you might get a few blank face stares back when you say you’re getting into PR. Because that’s like advertising, right?

Defining PR is always difficult but instead of resorting to a comparison of Samantha in Sex and the City (which won’t give your parents the best impression), here a few pointers to highlight that will get them just as excited as you are about your PR career.

  • Get the word out. Our job is basically to make our clients look good and “get the word out” (the only thing my parents understand) by hosting events, planning media interviews, aligning with celebrities etc.
  • A people’s person career. PR is all about networking, meeting new faces and communicating daily with clients and media. In other words, you’ll meet lots of people and make new friends.
  • Travel really fun places to do cool things. Random trips to places you’ve never been before will happen. Did I ever think I’d be traveling to Dallas for the NCAA Final Four? Nope, but I am. Thanks to working in PR.
  • Get creative. PR is all about coming up with the next best, big idea. You get to brainstorm really fun, over-the-top ideas that will get you media attention.
  • Work with famous people. Working with celebrities in inevitable in PR and guess what? Even though celebrities can be a pain in the a$$, it’s a major perk and gives you bragging rights.
  • Good pay. Note that I’m not saying great, but working in PR you will have a decent salary. Your starting salary is rough, but that’s expected with any career.

How did your parents react when you said you were getting into public relations?

The Perfect Follow-Up

One of the most important aspects of pitching is following up. I’m sure if you asked a group of PR professionals about pitching, a majority would state that they don’t hear back from their contacts until they follow-up – so don’t be discouraged when you originally receive no response.

So what’s the most effective way to follow-up on your pitch? I’m a strong believer in the one liner email. Keeping the body of the original email you sent underneath your follow-up, add a short line like the below:

Hi X – I just wanted to follow-up to see if you were interested in the below opportunity/product.

Thanks for your consideration, X

Many times you will receive an email back either stating “No, thanks” or “Thanks for following up. I looked over your email originally and…” As media is inundated with emails every single day, following up is sometimes the only way to ensure your pitch is read. Phone calls also work well with print publications, but I personally don’t make those until I haven’t heard back from even the follow-up email. You want to get in contact with the media, but you don’t want to annoy them.

What are your thoughts on the follow-up?