3 Things You Should Know Before Dating a PR girl

The field of public relations has a reputation for being glamorous and sexy. It is no wonder so many young women (and men) are driven to a career in PR. The same characteristics that make for a stellar PR professional, also make for an amazing significant other. But first there are three things you should know, because  there are some pretty amazing PR feelings  and you need  what it takes to top them.

1. We are Loyal.  We are champions for our brands and those we represent. We monitor the competitors diligently and are brand ambassadors for ourselves. I have had conversations with PR professionals who refuse to use any products of the leading competitors of the brands their agency represents. That is what I mean by loyalty. In my opinion loyalty is one of the strongest traits  to look for in a relationship. Someone who will stand by you no matter the circumstance. The only catch, we are extremely loyal to our own careers and self. Therefore if you don’t respect us, we will kick you to the curb faster than Chanel dropped Kate Moss.  After all we refuse to let anyone tarnish our own personal reputations, which we work just as hard to uphold as our clients.

2.  We will win every argument. It is just best that this fact is realized now, the sooner the better. We have a way with words and a skill for spin. We can manipulate (in a good way) most any situation to our advantage. Okay, so you may win one argument every now and then, but know this, we let you win. Because we are also gracious.

3. We are dedicated.  Our days are filled with meetings, reports and hounding stalking pitching to editors our latest product, campaign or event. When phone calls are not returned, emails are sent.  When read receipts are avoided, editor lunches are scheduled. We are stood up by editors, checked to voicemail and told, “Not Interested”, “Not now” and “We no longer cover that” to an extent that would completely demoralize  any normal person, but we are not normal. We go out to a different editor, pitch the same thing with a new angle. And then, success! There is not an empty seat at our event, we secured a phenomenal placement and booked a broadcast interview for our spokesperson with the leading morning show.  To say we are dedicated is an understatement. We are in it to win it and our relationships are no  different. We are looking for a just booked Today Show segment, with brand mention,  kind of love or bust.

What are some qualities you posses as a PR professional that make you an amazing date?

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