5 Mistakes a PR Girl Makes on the First Date

Working in an office filled with girls, you tend to hear endless stories about friends, family and the dating scene. Some first date stories are romantic and cute while others just make you want to cringe. While we’re sometimes just uninterested in the guy, since we’re independent, strong minded ladies, we tend to make mistakes on the first date without even noticing and then contemplate for hours on end why he didn’t call back. While men should be aware of the dos and don’ts of dating a PR girl, we should be aware of our biggest first date mistakes.

  1. We check his social networks ahead of time. This can lead to wrong judgment. Don’t look until you’re exclusive.
  2. We talk too much. Ask him questions and engage more. Hit all of your key messages but don’t do all the talking and don’t accidentally mention your ex!
  3. We check our emails during dinner. Huge no-no. This makes it seem like you’re uninterested and comes off rude.
  4. We ask about or mention a second date. This is one instance where the guy needs to make the plans ahead of time, not you.
  5. We freak if we don’t hear back right away. If you don’t hear back, don’t text him, call him. Nothing. And don’t over analyze what happened – on to the next!

What are some other first date mistakes?

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