6 Things PR Girls Stress the Most

It’s no secret that PR is a stressful career. We outlined why PR is so stressful, but here a few things that stress PR girls (and boys) the most.

PR Girls Stress

  • Whether or not your client is happy. It’s a daily struggle to constantly keep your clients happy. You want to make sure they’re satisfied with your performance, results and overall ability to help their brand. Clients can disappear and leave important emails unanswered which stresses out even the best of us. Are they unhappy with the agency? Are they firing us? What went wrong? More than likely, everything is fine and your client is just bogged down with emails.
  • New business meetings. Pitching new business is always nerve wracking. You go through several rounds, unsure of whether or not the potential client really likes you or not.
  • Unanswered pitches. There’s nothing more stressful than having to press on your client when no one is interested. When all of your pitches go unanswered and you have no results or feedback to share, it’s time to switch it up.
  • Pulling off a seamless event. Your client finally agrees to let you put on an event and you want it to be perfect. Whether it’s media or consumer facing (or both), pulling together an event is always stressful. Because every detail needs to be perfect and seem effortless.
  • Feeling uneasy about your performance. Every year, PR pros get their review. Even though we work on teams, PR can be cut throat when it comes to expectations of your performance. We’re constantly stressing whether or not we’re delivering enough and making our bosses happy.
  • FOMO.  Missing an email, being out of the office, and even putting the phone down while on vacation. PR pros constantly stress missing out.

What stresses you the most?

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