A Bachelorette Weekend

As you may know, last month I was thrilled to become the Maid of Honor  in my cousin’s wedding and this past weekend I planned my first bridal shower and  bachelorette party.

With the help of other family members and Pinterest, luckily everything went smoothly. At the bridal shower, I passed out a pop quiz about the bride asking basic questions (what’s the bride’s shoe size?, what’s her favorite color?) and played the Newlywed game where I asked her fiance questions about her and she had to guess how he responded (always a funny, easy game to play). Plus the best part of showers is making the hat out of ribbons, something I take on at every shower.

For the bachelorette party, the bridal party booked a room at Mt. Airy Casino and Resort. It was my first time there as it’s about 2 hours west of the city in Pennsylvania. The hotel is beautiful and the casino is 24 hours. I got to the room early to set up the gift bags  and put up steamers and threw confetti around the room. My cousin’s name  is Victoria so the gift bags were from Victoria’s Secret. For the bachelorette party, we played a scavenger hunt in the casino which made the night. The hunt included taking photos of a couple married over 40 years old, a guy on one knee, the bachelorette sitting on a bachelor’s lap and much more.

Much like planning a client event, I have to say that I feel much less stressed now that the bridal shower and bachelorette party are through. Now we just have the wedding to look forward to!

Have you had to plan a bridal shower or bachelorette party? What games did you play?


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