A Clean Desk Leads to a Clean Mind

My past week has been out of control crazy, and I have to admit I’ve let a few things slide off my radar.   When I came in this morning to a desk full of illegible, scribbled post-its, piles of call agendas and drafted plans and cardboard boxes of mailer materials, I knew I had to do a little clean out to get my mind in the right space.   Last month, A gave you a little sneak peak to my desk space, which I have been trying to perfect over the years.   One thing is for sure, a clean desk leads to a clean mind.

desk desk desk!

Here are few ways you can be sure you’re space is set up for success in your day:

Folders are your friend – If you don’t already use manilla folders or hanging folders, I suggest you get some for each client.   I have a folder I keep on top of my shelf for recent materials – call agendas, drafted plans, meeting notes – that I can grab and take to each call and internal in case I need to reference anything.   A hanging folder in my desk drawer holds all past papers and projects

Organize your magazines – I have 20 magazines at my desk at any given time, but the office needs to use them as well.   I either put the magazines in our office media center once I’m done, or lay them out in a pretty display to share with our office “pit” (what we lovingly call our cube area)

Lysol, Clorox, Purell, Oh My! – I usually eat most of my daily meals at my desk – breakfast, lunch and snacks. A dusty, disgusting desk space can be easily ignored when you’re just staring at your screen, but be sure to wipe down your tabletop, phone and keyboard at least once a week

Hang up any new fun photos or inspiration – My latest? A cute magnet from my Julep Maven box and the most recent gym class schedule

When was the last time you cleaned your desk?


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