A Clean Start

The new year is full of resolutions and new promises, some of which are sure to be overwhelming and intimidating.  This year, I told myself I was going to take it one step at a time, and start with small little victories to reach a main goal.  One of my “big picture” goals is to take care of my skin, and a small step to that is washing my face the right way.

Confession – I used to only use Proactiv on my face for years.  However, after a four year dedication to the product, the effects began to wear off.  Being in beauty, I’m used to using my face as a tester for a variety of products and new items, which can kind of take a beating to sensitive skin.  Entering the age that I am, I need to pay better attention to my face and I’m dedicated now to treating my skin right.  I was beyond excited when Le Metier de Beaute sent along their Daily Cleanser and Refreshing Tonic.

I always like having a little grit to my cleansers, and the one from LMdB has just enough exfoliating properties to scrub a day’s dirt and makeup off my skin while cleaning out my pores.  I use this product at night to take off my makeup, and I love it just before putting on a clay mask to get my face prepped.

I have to say I am absolutely obsessed with the Refresh Tonic.  It has a really clean smell, and I can feel it working instantaneously on my skin. This product brings a healthy glow to my face, evens out tone, and hydrates my skin (no alcohol in it – which I love for my sensitive skin).

Have you guys made any beauty resolutions in the new year?  What products have you tried and loved?

images and product provided by LMdB

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