A PR Girl at Labor Day

With the upcoming holiday, anyone who works in an office is scrambling to get their work done and get out of the office.   For me, Labor Day is the equivalent of Thanksgiving homecoming, but with perfect weather.   The long weekend is a great chance to catch up with friends and celebrate the last real weekend of summer.   Below are a few ways the PR girl relishes Labor Day weekend:

  • The PR girl will be sure to use up the last of her summer bright nail polish in her pre-weekend mani-pedi
  • As always, the PR girl rushes to complete all tasks to get out of work in time to catch transportation
  • The first order of business… glass of wine, whether it be by train, plane or automobile
  • The PR girl will use all her power to be sure she has at least one of the following over Labor Day: A dinner out, plenty of sunshine, a random makeout, and a fateful run-in
  • While sunning, the PR girl will be sure to update her Facebook/Twitter/Instagram with images of crowded beaches to confirm her lazy attitude is acceptable
  • She will be found screaming country music lyrics at the top of her lungs at the local bar, a nice relief from house music at a downtown club
  • The PR girl diet is absolutely out the window this week
  • All kinds of tanning potions will be used to squeeze the last ounce of tan out of the weekend
  • Lobster/clams/BBQ/crab cakes will be had in excess
  • The PR girl will be the friend who gets everyone to get. in. the water. Whether it’s a lake, ocean or kiddie pool

What are you looking forward to this weekend?


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