A PR Girl Calling Out Sick

Unfortunately, cold and flu season is upon us.   The reason this post is so late in the day is because, despite my best efforts with Zycam, Airborne, Vitamin C and OJ, started feeling the 2-ton pressure of a cold last night.

Sick days are frowned upon in the public relations field, a fact that not many are willing to admit. Our days are always scheduled for us weeks beforehand, so there is almost always something to do that cannot be missed on any given day.   However, growing up within this field has taught me that it is much better to take time for yourself on the couch with your computer than to force your sickly self into a bustling office and pray you feel better tomorrow.

Of course, calling in sick does not equal a vacation day – especially for PR people.   Here are a few things to keep in mind if you find yourself bedridden:

Email your superiors first, then your team – Tell your managers that you are calling in sick, but you plan to be available via email after some rest.   If there are any projects you know are timely and must be taken care of, call these out and plan on following up during the day to determine next steps

Reschedule any important meetings – If you must be present during a meeting or call, be sure to put a new date on the calendar

Follow up with clients – If something was due to the client today, ask a team member if they can pitch in. If not, send a quick note to your client asking if you can push the due date for when you are back in the office

Rest – If you do need to get some work done, be sure you are on the couch/in bed, not taking calls, and relaxing. The point of staying home is to get better, not to bring the office to you


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