A PR Girl’s Friday To-Do List

To say I have had quite the week is an understatement.   I am SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED it’s Friday, I can barely contain myself.   My excitement for the weekend is currently overriding the exhaustion and physical pain I am feeling at the moment from executing a media event this week.

Sometimes a PR girl needs to give herself a break.   In my mind, this is the ideal t0-do list for a day like today:

9:00am – Catch up on all emails missed in the past 24 hours

9:35am – Reschedule all meetings for Monday

9:36pm – Catch up on all fashion blogs, plan outfit for weekend

9:55am – Complete client needs, finalize assignments

11:30am – Brainstorm for new client

12:35pm – Lunch!/Quick shopping trip for new sunglasses to welcome the weather

1:15pm – Return from lunch late, feel better that only 15 emails came through

2:05pm – Pinterest “research”

4:15pm – Complete timesheets for the week

5:15pm – Last emails, final internal meeting with team

5:35pm – Research Happy Hour location


PS – Due to popular demand, Adrianna will be sharing her to-do list format next week!


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