A PR Girl’s Greatest Fears

A huge part of growing in your career is getting over some of your greatest fears. Many PR girls have the same fears and we’ve all had to get over them one step at a time. Below are some of mine, and some I’ve seen others go through.


  • Pitching media over the phone. Something I had to conquer during my first internship. In-front of my manager. I was terrified but didn’t show it and quickly learned some of the best ways to work with media.
  • Public speaking. Whether it’s giving a presentation, being part of a new business pitch or simply speaking up on a conference call, PR girls have to get over this fear quickly.
  • Taking on too much or additional responsibilty. There are times we become so comfortable in the position we’re in. In PR we constantly have to push ourselves and try and work above our own level. Taking on additional responsibility can be scary at times, but learn from others and don’t be afraid to speak up if you’re overwhelmed.
  • Losing a client. PR girls often get uptight and do any and everything they can to please their client – even if it’s not the best thing to do. We need to realize that even though losing a client is a scary thing, it happens. And sometimes for the better.
  • Sounding stupid. Many PR girls come off shy because they are afraid to open their mouth and speak up. In brainstorms, client meetings and more. I’m guilty of this, but it’s something that needs to be overcome. Many times your thoughts and input could be informative to others.

What are some other fears PR girls face?

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