A PR Girl’s Holiday Wishlist

This month we’re giving you a few gift guides with our favorite things for loved ones this season, but every PR girl and guy has their own holiday wishlist.  It can range from that perfect holiday entertaining segment to a new iPhone case.  Adrianna and I have been talking about our wishes for the season, and while there are some things specific to us (we both want this SLR camera so badly!) there are a few things we’re sure you can relate to:

Breakfast at Yurman's

  1. The perfect Today Show placement for a client with slow coverage
  2. To be followed on Twitter by a minor celebrity
  3. To actually go ice skating this winter in Central Park (Good luck to us!!)
  4. A kiss under the mistletoe
  5. A new coffee mug for the office
  6. Praise from that stubborn client that gives two word responses to paragraph-long emails
  7. New riding boots to trudge through NYC weather
  8. A gorgeous holiday gift guide placement for one of our clients
  9. A clutch placement in either NYT, WSJ or USAToday
  10. A new stack of books to read during our travels
  11. An iPad mini


What’s on your PR girl holiday wishlist?


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